Life's Magic Chapter 30

29 Hershey
"Happy birthday!" I greeted Nathalia before handing her my gift and squeezing her in a tight embrace. "God, you're so pretty!"

"Thank you, Hershey! I really waited for you. Come! I'll introduce you to my friends." The girl tugged me by the hand and escorted me inside the house and back towards their swimming pool where the party was being held.

Loud music was playing in the background together with the chatters of the guests. There were already a decent number of crowd present that it was hard to point where Maggie or Paul was. Tiny little girls were on their swim wear looking so adorable in various pastel colors waddling with their life guards around their waists. Nathalia started introducing me to them one by one, not really catching all their names. But one particular chubby little boy stuck his hand to me for a handshake.

"I'm Cabe. Nat talks about you a lot. Now I know why. You're really pretty." He showed me his toothy grin.

I couldn't stop my laugh seeing how ridiculous a little boy giving a pass to an adult girl but I took his hand anyway. "I'm Hershey. Nice to meet you, Cabe."

"Hey, Hershey!" Paul called out to me making me turn, straightening to my height to face him. "Glad you're already here. I'd like you to meet my boss, Michael Thorne. Mitch, this is Hershey Flynn I've been telling you about."

My eyes slid towards the guy to Paul's left and I almost dropped my jaw. Jesus! It was the same man in the coffee shop last week! And he looked more sinfully attractive under the bright sunlight making my back damp with cold sweat.

"Hello, Hershey. It's nice to finally meet you." He offered his hand, grinning mischievously at me.

"Hi, Mr. Thorne. Nice to meet you, too." I managed to answer, thankful I didn't buckle before taking his hand in mine.

I almost pulled back at the sudden zap I felt when our palms touched. What the. His huge callused hand gripped mine tightly, strong and reassuring. He pumped our hands up and down then up again, his thumb caressing my wrist in a very erotic way. A mental image flashed my head of him caressing another part of me, that private part that was meant to be wiped clean and covered because it was starting to get soaked. Oh, my God!

"That's just unacceptable. I called you by the name, won't it be fair if you call me by my name, too? Just Mitch, please." His eyes flickered knowingly at me.

I nodded and smiled but didn't respond before pulling my hand back. He seemed reluctant to release me at first before loosening his hold, his fingers grazing my palm. Ripples of passion crackled from his fingertips and into my arm, flaring down my spine and ended a single embarrassing drop between my thighs. My cheeks burned. My heart was now freaking inside my chest. It suddenly was so hard to breathe. His gaze was glued to mine, unable to blink, as if reading my thoughts, knowing how I felt and seizing my soul.

Cold, wet hand landed on my thigh making me blinked from the trance. When I looked down, Cabe took my hand in his pruning little one before pulling me towards the pool.

"Come, we'll play."

"What? Uhm, no I think..."

I didn't know how I ended up in the pool. Everything just happened so fast. Maybe my mind was still reeling at the touch I shared with that Mitch guy that I didn't know I was still out of sort. Cabe pulled me into the swimming pool and it's already late for me to realize his intentions. My body hit the water, plunging deep into the seven-foot-deep pool before I felt my heart constricting with panic.
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