Life's Magic Chapter 32

31 Mitch
Hershey's palm suddenly landed on my cheek before I could even stop it. It stung but only a little. I turned to her again, ceasing her wrists with my hands.

"No! Don't touch me! How dare you! Uhmph!"

I silenced her with my mouth on her lips. I've dreamt so fucking long for this time to come. And now that I actually tasted a little, my need for her worsened. I wanted more. I wanted all of her. I wanted her to be mine.

However, Hershey was telling me a different story. She wanted nothing of me. At least, her words because I sure as fuck her body was singing a different tune. She wanted me, too. I just knew it. I could feel it. I just needed to align her body and mind to also want me, too. So she could, at least, have an inkling clue how I felt for her. This feeling I had for her was consuming me. So fucking overwhelmingly great that there's nowhere to go but fall. Fall into her heart.

With her squirming body, I finally ripped my mouth from hers, giving her a slight reprieve. But my hold around her wrists didn't loosen a bit.

"Do that again and I'll kiss you. Every slap, every stupid stunt, every move you do which I'll find unacceptable is equal to a kiss."

"W-what?" She exclaimed in obvious shock. "W-what... Why are you doing this?"

"Because I love you."

She gasped, her brown eyes going round. "Jesus! We just met!"

She tried pulling from my hold but I didn't let go. Instead, I leaned forward to plant my mouth on hers again, giving her another deep, punishing kiss. She whimpered but fuck! It was my dick that wept a tear.

"I told you, every unacceptable move is a kiss." I reminded with a grin.

"You're ridiculous! I don't even know you. Oh, God, you're crazy. Please, let go." She pleaded this time probably remembering my advice of no doing stupid stunt because she remained still.

"Wrong, sweetheart. You just met me. But I've known you for so long. I've wanted you for so long." I confessed in a ragged breath.

She gasped again. Yes, I know I'm being creepy here. But it's the truth. Paul had been telling me about a certain friend named Hershey. At first, I just listened because I thought it was just all that. A story.

Hershey was actually Maggie's friend back from the orphanage they came from. Years later they crossed paths again, in the Uni, surprisingly taking the same career. Since then, they became inseparable.

According to the story I heard, Hershey Flynn was a strong girl. She'd been living alone her whole life, from the orphanage, to different foster homes and finally down to her first home with her husband. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for a year of good memories before it started getting rocky for the following year. Two years tops, they finally divorced.

Since they separated, the Pharell couple was playing match maker on the girl. I laughed and eagerly listened every time Paul shared the latest story about Hershey's path to finding new love. It was a balm to my boring hectic life. Her life story actually gave me my first smile after a long damn time, making me wish for her true happiness as well because she also made me hope for my own happiness.

Ever since then, her life became part of my life. Hearing her story completed my day. Whenever I'm in the field, I even rang Paul's phone just to have an update about Hershey. After listening to her story day after day, it's then I realized I was actually falling for the girl even if I was yet to meet her. It was crazy at first but I eventually learned to accept it because denying it made me feel even more tortured.

As a great hacker, I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by without learning more about Hershey through my own personal digging. I've taken possession of her email, contact numbers and even took a glimpse of her bank account. No harm done, I just made a quick peek and then that's just that. I didn't do anything. I swear. OK, damn it, I may have transferred some money there, too. Something she hadn't realize yet because she only visited her bank to deposit and had never taken from it since.

"W-what do you mean you've wanted me so long?" Again she gasped in astonishment as her face drew realization. "You've been stalking me! Oh, God! Heeeellpp!"
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