Life's Magic Chapter 33

32 Mitch
She pushed against my chest hard but with my tight hold on her arm, I had pulled her with me when I fell on my back to the tiled bathroom floor. She quickly scrambled away but I gripped her shoulders before rolling over so she'd be lying vulnerable beneath my heavier frame.

"Shit! Get the fuck off me, you monster!" She yelled while squirming away.

God damn it, her squirming just made my dick issued more precum. Fuck! I know I'm not supposed to do this. I'm being a total asshole but it seemed that after following her for months, watching her from the distance, waiting for so damn long to finally touch her made my sanity suddenly snapped.

"Stop struggling, Christ!" But she didn't heed my warning, of course. "I said stop fighting me, Hershey!"

"Or what?" She breathed out.

"Or I'll fuck you right here, right now." I answered in gritted teeth before grinding my crotch against her pussy that was perfectly aligned to my dick.

Her eyes bulged, her body went rigid, her breathing heavier and eyes dilating. Fuck! Fuck! I just knew this little temptress was into me as much as I was into her. She just needed hard shoving.

"Do it and I'll scream!" She threatened in between her gnashing teeth.

I grinned. "Sweetheart, when I fuck you, that's actually my goal. To make you scream loud and come so hard."

"Get the fuck off me!" She cried out, bucking her hips. "Help! Maggie! Somebody!"

Holding both her wrists with one hand, I reached for her short shorts with my other hand, snapping it open before pulling the zipper down. She suddenly stopped moving, looking at me in disbelief with her clear chocolate brown eyes. Just like her name, her gaze was so tempting, so fucking dark and delicious.

"Y-you don't r-really mean... Oh, God!" Her eyes shut close, when my finger found its way into her leg hole before it made contact to her pussy lips.

"You're wet." I said in a groan.

"Because I had a dip in the pool, asshole!" She snapped, opening her fiery eyes at me.

Pushing my finger inside her, her pussy welcomed my intrusion with a squishy sound. "I mean you're wet inside, sweetheart."

"Please..." She sobbed, hips jerking but not away but towards my finger instead.

"Please what?" I asked, my hand was already busy opening my own fly.

God, I really needed to be inside her. Fuck! A year of following her boring daily routine made me act like a heated animal right now. She's just a jog, work, coffee shop and home kind of girl. It's boring but I actually found it hot.

Jerking her shorts and panties down, I spread her thighs apart with my knee before plunging into her with a quick thrust of my hips. She cried out, biting her lower lip and wrapping her legs around my hips yet her upper body still kept struggling from my hold. She seemed torn apart.

With heavy breathing, I took a pause to recover from the sudden blindness I felt when we're finally one. Shit! She felt so snug, so hot. So fucking perfect!

Holding Hershey's gaze, I started rocking atop her, loving the feel of her, the sound she made and the breathing we shared. My cock was now pounding into her core, grinding my hips down, making her swallow my whole length. She'd bucked her hips, spine arching in an erotic way as we fucked each other like crazy bunnies.

"Hey, are you both alright there?" Maggie called out outside the door after giving it a good three whacks.

"We're coming!" I screamed before pressing Hershey's clit making her scream when she suddenly came.

Hershey's sound was so fucking erotic. Her face was of pure bliss. She's so fucking beautiful that I didn't dare blink as I watched her came undone in my arms that I came with her, too. My heart was slamming against her own, beating the same rhythm as hers.

"Jesus! You're so fast, Thorne!" Maggie giggled. "I'll just leave the towels right here. Uhm, Hershey? You deserved a good shagging, so don't hold back, OK?"

"You're mine." I declared before kissing Hershey on the mouth, sealing my ownership over her.
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