Life's Magic Chapter 34

33 Hershey
'You're mine.'

Shaking my head, I combed my hair in frustration as if tugging my hair hard would keep the memory away. Jesus! I couldn't believe I just had a casual bathroom sex with a total stranger. And my God! In Maggie's home to that matter! It's so humiliating that when we finally came out of the bathroom, I decided to return home.

But the bastard threatened to fuck me again once he sent me back home if I continued insisting of leaving so early. So I stayed put, enduring the painful embarrassment at the knowing smirk of Maggie and Paul throwing my way. Especially when Mitch refused to release my hand from his tight grip. The freaking couple looked like they just won a grand prize in lottery seeing me and Mitch sat so close, I was practically sitting on his lap.

'You're mine.'

"Ugh!" I screamed before throwing the comb across my room.

Christ! All throughout the night, his words kept lingering in my head, repeating in circles, easing me to the thought of being owned, dreadfully liking it to my utter annoyance. Shit! Shit! I know Maggie would tease me today and probably ask me for a back-to-back detailed take of how it all happened. How fast, how deep and oh, God how great he made me come. I felt my face burned, my panties starting to get soaked.

Cringing, I snatched my tote from my bed, putting on my shoes before stomping towards the door. Tearing it open, I wore a scowl as I went out of my apartment only to be shocked, halting from my strides at the imposing man standing just outside my door.

"Good morning, sweetheart." Mitch greeted, showing me his evil grin again.

I hated it. I hated his smile because it only made him more handsome, more striking and a little less mysterious. His smile made my heart leaping like crazy in my chest. I mentally chided myself and straightened my spine.

"What are you doing here?" And how did he know where I lived?

I shook my head. Of course, he'd been stalking me so there shouldn't be anything he didn't know. I wondered how long, since when. And why? He said he wanted me. He already had me last Saturday, shouldn't he be moving on to his other victim?

"Is that how you greet your man, Hershey?" He arched his brow, looking at me with his intense gaze.

Oh, God. I knew that look. It's the start of my warning. Another stupid stunt and I'll be punished. What the hell had this man been sniffing? He surely had issues about discipline, punishment and shit like that. It should make me angry. Shit! I'm angry alright. Angry with myself for being so weak and aroused, my pussy was already sleek.

"What do you want from me? You already had me Saturday so please leave me alone!"

Mitch tsked before shaking his head. "Sweetheart, I told you you're mine. What in that simple short line didn't you understand?"

"I'm not yours! God! Why am I even talking to you? You're obviously crazy. If you keep this up, I'm going to call the cops."

"Will you really?" He chuckled before stepping closer to me.

No, I wouldn't. Because it'd only be ridiculous and stupid. Besides, who would believe me? A nobody girl filing a case against the billionaire Michael Thorne for harassment? I did a quick research about him and I felt even more humiliated. Being powerful and wealthy, he surely thought he could get anything and anyone he wanted including a good fuck with a nobody like me, in a bathroom during a children's party. Maybe it's his thing.

When he took over my personal space, I squirmed but didn't move from my spot. He couldn't intimidate me anymore. I'm holding my ground. He leaned down, still looking me in the eye, our breathing mingling, our mouths almost touching. Shit! I closed my eyes to keep him away from my thoughts but it seemed to be what he expected because he suddenly captured my mouth.
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