Life's Magic Chapter 35

34 Hershey
I moaned. Shit! I'm not supposed to moan. I'm not supposed to like this. But dear God, I freaking loved it as ridiculous as it sounded. I reached for his shoulders, thinking of pushing him away but I pulled him closer instead, kissing him back, climbing his body like a horny stupid monkey. My feet left the ground when Mitch pulled my thighs up, making me spread them apart to wrap them around his waist.

Mitch stepped back inside my apartment, closing the door before leaning my back against it. He put me down for a moment, his hands began to frantically tug and push my scrub pants, his lips never even leaving mine. When my pants and underwear dropped to the floor, he took me up again, slamming his dick into me, filling me to the brim, swallowing my scream.

He let go of my mouth so he could kiss me down my jaw and neck while his one hand popping the buttons of my blouse. He could easily win a medal for the best man to undress a woman while in an acrobatic position. He did it so quickly and expertly while his hips relentlessly pumping into my pelvis, and soon my nipple was inside his mouth.

"M-Mitch!" I cried out, reluctant to call him by his name.

Crap! It's even my first time uttering his name and we've already fucked twice since our first meeting. How crazy that even sounded.

Shut the fuck your prudish self, Hershey! Just enjoy it! Did you really think one night stands introduce themselves to each other? No, not all of them, girl. So that makes you not a slut at all! [A certain tiny someone whispered on my shoulder while wagging her trident wand and giving out a wide fanged smile. Surprisingly, there's no response coming from another certain someone with a halo on her head that's perched on my other shoulder.]

Mitch released my left nipple so that he could give the same treatment to the other peak. His cock pounded into me, slamming my body repeatedly against the wooden surface, adding more maniacal effect to our erotic act. He reached down, rubbing and pressing on my clit. It's when I knew he's close, coaxing my own orgasm so we could come together. It felt so good because he's really making sure I could come, too. And oh, God, come I did! We both did.

Moans and groans came out of our throats as we bucked and thrust our pelvises, riding out the tidal wave of our release. Ragged breathing followed after while I panted close to his chest before he slowly pulled out of me, sliding my thighs down his sides.

"I want you next time spread wide in my bed." He huskily said before kissing me deep on the lips. "God, Hershey. Come with me, live with me. Please, I love you so fucking much."

"W-what?" I asked in breathless astonishment.

"Please, don't say no." He dipped his head to give me another chaste kiss. "I'll take care of you, I promise to be good to you." He kissed me again. "Just be with me. I just can't be away from you anymore." Again, his mouth landed on mine.

"B-but, this really is happening so fast." I softly argued.

"Yes, I know for you it seems so fast. But sweetheart, I've been following you for so long, waiting for this time to come. I love you."


Oh, my God! This man loved me? I felt so lost with the overwhelming feelings he's inspired by his actions and words to me. I didn't know what to say.

"Shh." He covered my mouth with his fingers. "Don't say anything. I love you and I'll make you love me, too. I'll work for it. So please, take me. Have me. Make me yours."

His hot white spending started dripping from my pussy that I quickly ducked away to fetch tissue from my bag that was carelessly dropped to the floor. After patting my thighs with the wad, I turned to face Mitch again, looking so hot and magnificent with his pants down to his ankles, his shirt crinkled and tie crooked. He watched me, probably having the same lustful gaze as mine and his dick started to lengthen, jerking before it stood up to his navel. Damn! I didn't realize he was that huge!

"Call in sick today. I want you again." He breathed out before crossing the distance between us and soon I was back inside the trappings of his solid embrace.
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