Life's Magic Chapter 38

37 Hershey
Mitch: "I missed you, sweetheart. Can't wait to see you again. I love you! "

My thumb hovered over the reply button but couldn't actually decide what to send him. A wide smile stretched my lips like silly, my heart was doing circus inside my chest. Jesus! I couldn't believe how lucky I got with Mitch. Our relationship was a whirlwind thing but he kept insisting it wasn't, because he'd waited for me for so long. For him, it was rather slow.

"God! You've got the widest, silliest and sweetest smile on your face right now. Who would've thought I'd witness this on you." Maggie appeared in the nurse's station before taking a seat beside me.

"I'm still reeling at this new relationship I have with Mitch, Mags. I can't help but think I've been so lucky. This is just way too good to be true."

"Hush!" Mags chided, slapping me by the shoulder. "Don't jinx it. Besides, you're a sweet girl, you deserve better things. I'm really happy for you, Choc. Are you?"

"Of course, I am. And thanks." I smiled happily. "Sorry, can't go to our girl's night out later. Mitch and I are going on a date."

"Of course, Choc! Don't mind me. You go on and enjoy your time with him. He's a good man. Paul told me Mitch had never looked happier than he is right now. That guy's really crazy in love with you."

I couldn't help but smile wider, feeling my blush spreading across my face. "I'm in love with him, too. I mean, I know this is crazy fast but God. He's just not that hard to love. He makes me feel so many things. Good things."

"Well, that's good. About time, anyway." Maggie smiled at me before going through her clipboard.

My phone buzzed in my hand again. Swiping my thumb, I read Mitch's name on the screen.

Mitch: "I love you."

I grinned again while shaking my head before typing a reply. I think it's about time I should tell him I loved him, too. But then, I stopped. No, it wouldn't be right. I should tell him personally. Later. I nodded to myself. Later I'm going to tell Mitch that I've also fallen in love with him. I stood and proceeded to my last round.

When I returned to nurses station, Maggie wasn't there so I just sorted my stuff before snatching my bag and went out of the building. Mitch's car was already waiting at the parking area that I leapt towards it with a silly grin on my face. I saw him came out of his car with his own brand of silly smile.

"I loved it when my sweetheart is smiling." He said when I was on my way towards him.

As soon as I stepped close to him, I quickly threw myself into his arms and kissed him on the mouth. He moaned in surprise, kissing me back with so much passion. I pulled away remembering where we were.

"I love you." I whispered.

His face lit up, surprise and joy were etched in his face. "God, Hershey. I love you, too! You make me the happiest man in the world!"
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