Life's Magic Chapter 39

38 Hershey
He bent his head low to capture my mouth once more before ushering me inside his car. We drove towards a restaurant he chose to celebrate our day as an official couple. It's weird that he knew some things like this. I thought only girls were saps to assign silly dates and anniversaries but I didn't mind. He's so sweet and cheesy, I'm ridiculously melting with it.

We shared dinner together over a happy and sweet conversation, smiling like silky and occasionally sharing chaste kisses together. After the main course was taken and dessert was being set, I excused myself to visit ladies room. Mitch nodded his head but not before he gave me a deep quick kiss on the lips. Yup, really cheesy. But damn, I'm full of love right now, so I didn't give a shit to people who'd react.

Maybe that's why other people were so bitter to sweet couples sometimes. Because they haven't filled themselves with happiness and love that they felt envious with other's overflowing cup. Cure for jealousy couldn't be taken from outside, it's inside of us. When one loves herself enough, the more love she'd be able to attract. It's getting what's one's vibing. A positive to another positive. A negative with another negative. Simple but logical.

My musing was cut short when a woman emerged from the cubicle while I was washing my hands. I sure have seen her before. I just couldn't point out where. She must be a couple of years younger than me. My eyes were glued to her as she stood beside me, also washing her hands. Her eyes flickered up, meeting my own.

"Sorry." I smiled. "I thought I've seen you before."

She also smiled, showing more of her pretty face. "That happens a lot."

"Yeah." I chuckled while wiping my hands with the towel. "I'm Hershey, by the way."

She patted her right hand behind her pants before taking mine. "Donatella."

I gasped. "Oh, my God! It is you!"

"Oh, so we've met before?" She chuckled, a little confused.

"No. But I know someone who knows you. Can you join us for a moment? Is it OK? This is really exciting!" I thought of surprising Mitch.

"Uhm... Sure." She nodded with a soft smile.

I linked my arm with Donatella's as we go the left the ladies room, feeling really close with her all of a sudden. I felt warm with her like she's my friend. Mitch's gaze quickly caught mine even we're still a few steps away, his eyes slid towards Donatella and he grew obviously tensed. A tic in his jaw appeared and his eyes darkened.

"Mitch, look who I found! Isn't she your long lost friend you told me about?"

Donatella gasped, pulling her arm from my hold while Mitch abruptly stood. Both of them stared at each other, tension was crackling between them. I was confused for a moment before I realized what was going on. Oh, my God! They're not just neighbors who grew up together. They're not just friends. I know that look. They were lovers!

"We're leaving." He informed with his rather cold voice I've never heard from him before.
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