Life's Magic Chapter 4

3 Mitch
"We got a new neighbor?" My mom asked to no one in particular as we drove by the house we knew had been empty for the past year.

Right now though, there's a moving van outside the driveway and people mingling around the place. I believed dad answered mom but their voices fell at the background as I continued staring outside the window of our car to the house that was five blocks away from ours.

There was a woman in a wheelchair by the side of the parked car, a man ordering the men where to put their things and a little girl sitting on the grass. When the girl heard the engine, she stood and ran towards their gate before gazing at us even if I knew she couldn't possibly see us through the tint. She waved her tiny hand, showing her toothless smile at us.

I thought... No, it couldn't be. Could she somehow see us? Why was she staring at me? No, that's impossible. She continued to wave and smile though. I also stared at her, almost breaking my own neck when the car turned to our street and lost her all at once.

Sitting straight up, I caught dad watching me through the rear view mirror but I withdrew my gaze to resume looking outside the window. As soon as the car parked at our garage, I fly out of it and grabbed Coreen out of her chains.

"We just arrived, honey. Where are you going?" Mom asked with a frown.

"I'll just go around the subdivision grounds. I miss Coreen. I'll be right back sooner than you'll notice."

"Be careful, ok."

"Yes mom. Dad, see you later!"

Dad didn't reply but I knew he'd only throw me one of his usual salutes as I pedaled outside our white picket fence. My legs were on fire as soon as I arrived at the subdivision grounds, maneuvering my girlfriend in circles multiple times around the park. It was refreshing to wheel Coreen again after a month without her. I pedaled around the grounds for about five times before returning to our house.

I stopped and looked at our two story home, with round porch painted with white and dark blue lining. It looked just like the icing my mom usually made on top of her baked cakes. It was a wonderful home, warm and cozy. My parents allowed me to take the attic even if I had my own bedroom at the second floor. My parents were really cool I couldn't ask for more.

It looked like they'd settled in after our trip from Hawaii. We took our summer vacation there. Dad was into business, managing his own brand of car parts. I guess he's doing well judging by the way we lived our lives in comfort. I pedaled again. All the houses in the subdivision mostly owned by above average families if not rich. It was located a little in an uptown area but there were establishments and schools near us that it was still convenient as we went.

Finally, I reached the house where the new comers lived. Coreen and I stopped just a few feet of the main gate to study their house. Just like ours, their gate was low, picket fences painted in green. Their garage was only smaller while ours competing the size of the main house. But they had front yard covered in moss and grass, I could easily imagine the little girl playing her doll there.

Speaking of the little girl, she suddenly appeared into view, bolting out of their door and into the front yard while dragging a bunny as she went. She was wearing what looked like furry overalls. I even chuckled realizing she had the same hide as her pink stuffed bunny. She instantly saw me and ran to their gates again.

"Hello there!" She bellowed.

I would've left if I wouldn't look stupid not to approach her after staring so long at their house. So I walked Coreen near their house and stopped outside their gate.

"Hi. You're new here." It wasn't a question but a statement since it was obvious they just arrived.
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