Life's Magic Chapter 5

4 Mitch
"Yes. Are you from here, too?" Her face tilted up as she stared at me.

The setting sun streamed down her freckled face. Her green eyes were big and her mouth had a path of dried ice cream smeared across her plump cheek. Her golden hair shimmered along her shoulders as she moved. She's lovely.

"Yeah. I was in the car that drove by earlier. You were waving at us. My parents and I just arrived from our vacation."

"Vacation?" Her buttoned nose scrunched in obvious dislike. "They always go in a vacation. Mom and dad are always in a vacation, leaving me with a sitter." She complained before she stuck her chubby face further between the gap of their gate so she could reach her hand out to me. "I'm Donatella. What's your name?"

I smiled at her before taking her tiny hand to my bigger palm. "I'm Michael but you can call me Mitch." Her hand was so soft and chubby as I shook it. "Your name it sounded like the one in Ninja Turtles. You know, Donatello?"

She pouted. "That's a boy, I'm a girl!" She stomped her foot when she spoke. "Here, this is Jess. He's my boyfriend."

I had to laugh at her in amusement because I didn't have Coreen until I was nine. But she seemed to have found her first love at a very young age.

"Hello, Jess. It's nice meeting you." I waved my hand to the stuffed bunny. "How old are you and Jess?"

"Oh, Jess is older than I. He's already thirteen and I'm five."

"Really? Maybe Jess and I can be friends. We're of the same age."

"Oh great! We can play here in our house. Would you like to come inside?"

"I don't think so." Wouldn't it be dangerous for a little girl like her to invite strangers into their home?

"Donatella? Baby, who's that?"

I looked up to see the same woman on a wheel chair earlier. She's looking so pallid and thin. Her bones were peeking out of her shoulders, her brown eyes hollowed as well as her cheeks.

"Good afternoon, Mrs... " I didn't know their last name and just let my words hang in the air.

"Caldwell." A deep male voice supplied for me before he appeared to stand behind the woman and scrutinized me. "Mathew and Lyn Caldwell."

"Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell. I'm Michael Thorne. We live five blocks apart. I was only passing by when Donatella saw me."

"Yes, but he said to call him Mitch and we're going to play." Donatella butted in.

"Hello Mitch. Nice to meet you. Dilly, come over here, baby. We're going to have early dinner so we can settle in early, too." The man, obviously Donatella's father, said. "Don't you have somewhere else to go, young man?"

"But we we're going to play, dad!"

The obvious dismissal was certainly understood so I hopped on to Coreen. "My parents are actually waiting for me. Nice to meet you again. I hope you'll find the place nice to stay. Maybe we can have dinner together one day."

"That would be lovely." The elder woman replied.

"Please stay!" Donatella pouted.

Her eyes already have unshed tears. She looked lonely and desperate for a company. I didn't know why but my heart instantly went out to her.

"I'll come by next time, Donatella. But not tonight."

"Promise?" Her tone lifted and her eyes brightened.

She'd be prettier smiling. I bet many a young men's heart would break when time comes.

"Promise. Goodnight!" I waved at the little family before pedaling Coreen away from their little green house back to our blue one.
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