Life's Magic Chapter 6

5 Mitch
That night as I arrived home, I immediately told my parents about our new neighbor. Mom instantly planned a dinner for two families and dad just played along, eager to please mom all the time. I was as excited as mom that I couldn't stop tossing and turning in my bed thinking on going back to their place so I could talk to little Donatella. I've been happy as an only child. Now I was actually considering to have a sibling. But mom couldn't have another because she'd been into hysterectomy after she had me. But I didn't mind, because for the first time, I think I'm going to have a friend in Donatella and Jess. The thought made me smile like crazy.

The morning couldn't come faster. I quickly got up from bed as soon as my alarm chimed. After making my bed and taking a quick shower, I went down to our kitchen, catching mom and dad smooching. It was a normal thing in our household to catch them like that. One day I complained about it but dad only smiled at me and talked with me in private.

***(confrontation conversation)***

"Would you have preferred catching me kissing another woman?" Dad asked that took me off guard.

"No!" My protest came fast.

"Then, you must be grateful I still find your mom attractive and sexy that I still want to kiss her every time I want. Other fathers out there are kissing other women, even younger girls to replace their wives. One day, when you've grown into a man, you'll come to realize that this lesson will come in handy. So choose wisely in picking up whom to marry. Do not get married because you fell in love. Because a lot of people have done that only to get separated when they fall out of it. Get married because you choose to stay committed and faithful to both the woman and to the vows you've sworn as her husband. Being in love will only become a bonus because it usually follows through." The weight of his hand settled on my little shoulder before he gave it a squeeze. "It takes a great man to win a wonderful woman, Mitch. But it takes a greater man to keep and love her for lifetime."

***(end of conversation)***

"Good morning!" I chirped as I came inside the kitchen, startling them both before they jumped away from each other with mom giggling as she resumed her work in front of the stove.

"Good morning, Mitch. You're awfully cheerful today." Dad took a seat on the dining table before opening the morning papers to hide his wide grin.

"I still have two weeks before classes resume. Until then, I plan on going out with Coreen."

Mom placed the plates of toasts, omelet and cheese on the table. She planted a kiss on my head before patting my cheek.

"Why don't you drive by at the Caldwell later, honey. Make some friends with their daughter. You mentioned she looked lonely."

"Maybe." I said, not giving away that it was exactly what I planned since last night.

The conversation during breakfast was light, but my parents were mostly the one talking. My mind was somewhere else and my feet were itching to drive Coreen some particular place. As soon as dad's car left the garage, I got out of the house as well. Mom stayed in the kitchen to make pastries and cakes. She sold them to nearby bakeshops as her pastime so she didn't react so much when I made a sprint out of our gate.

My heart felt so heavy when I arrived at their place as I looked at their deserted green house. It was closed, the curtains were down and the car was not in their driveway. They must've gone somewhere. Maybe familiarize the place. I drove back and went to the park instead. It was only a seven minute tops drive with Coreen but I made it there in five.

"Whoa! Oh, no!" I exclaim in panic while squeezing the brakes hard.

Landing my feet at both sides, it helped me stop in time before I could crash to where a squealing girl was rushing towards the road. Quickly, I climbed off of Coreen, tossing her aside without thinking.

"Mitch!" Donatella squealed again not moving from where she fell.

"Are you alright?" Kneeling down, I helped her to her feet before inspecting her from this side and that. "Are you hurt?"
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