Life's Magic Chapter 9

8 Mitch
"Don't go!" Donatella's panicking voice stopped me, reaching for my hand while looking at me with pleading eyes. "Please Mitch. Don't go just yet. Dad, tell Mitch to stay." She turned those same begging gaze to her father.

"But Mitch must've something else he needs to do in their home, baby. He'll surely be back tomorrow, won't you Mitch?" Mrs. Caldwell spoke for her husband.

"Of course, Mrs. Caldwell."

"Go on now, send Mitch to the gate and get inside as soon as he leaves." The elder man stood, clapping my back again before wheeling his wife into their room. "Thanks again, kid."

"You're welcome Mr. Caldwell." I towed Donatella out of their house and into their gate to see me out before kneeling down so we're eye level. "Now be a good girl to your parents. Eat your dinner and wash off the dusts before you go to bed. And pray, Donatella. Pray for your parents especially for your mom."

She showed me her frown, obviously not understanding the last words I said. "What about my mom?"

"So they wouldn't go vacationing anymore. Don't you like to stay here longer? Do you not enjoy my company? If you don't pray for your parents, they'd be out of the country again, worse you'll be going with them and we won't be seeing each other. Would you like that?"

I knew deep in my heart that it was more for myself than for her why I was asking her to stay. Donatella had become a part of my life in just a very short span of time.

"No, I want to stay with you. OK, I'll pray every night."

"Promise?" I raised my pinky for her.

She grinned and twined our pinkies together. "Promise."

As soon as our fingers crossed, I quickly unfurled it from her, leaning away before her lips could touch mine. Her sloppy kiss landed on my chin instead that she giggled again.

"Why don't you want to kiss me?"

"Because it's not a guy's thing to kiss, Donatella."

"But dad always kisses mom."

"Because parents always do that."

"Can't we?"

"No." I shook my head, wiping my chin with my hand before getting to my feet. "Besides your kiss is always sloppy and wet. I don't like it."

She stared up to me with a questioning gaze. "But I really like kissing you. Mom said it means you love someone. We always kiss, me, mom and dad. Why can't we?"

I sighed and looked at their house. I saw movement but the curtain fell back to its place. My nerves returned remembering Mr. Caldwell's gaze to me earlier.

"Listen, I've to go. I'll be here tomorrow." I patted her head before turning to leave, picking Coreen that was leaning against their gate.

"Come back tomorrow, OK?"

"OK." I opened their gate, wheeled Coreen out and locked the gate again. "You go on in."

"You be careful, ok?"

"Ok." I started pedaling.


"Goodnight!" I waved my hand expecting her to be back inside their house.

"Sweet dreams!" Her cute little voice chased after me as I left their place.

"Ok! You, too."

"I love you!"

I laughed but didn't answer.

"You have to say it back!"

"Ok!" My grin couldn't get any wider as I slowly pedaled Coreen away from Donatella.

"Say it back, Mitch!" She insistently yelled, almost hysterical.

"Ok. Ok, I love you, too!"

Oh, Coreen, I hoped you wouldn't get jealous over the little girl. When I didn't hear Donatella anymore, I stopped and turned to their house. She was no longer there. The door was already closed. Did she even hear me say it back?
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