Limitless Chapter 665

Chapter 665: The Chaotic Legendary Medicines
Chapter 665: The Chaotic Legendary Medicines
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Looking back at the hot news from before the top ancient practitioner in the Immortal Realm, monk Meng Jingying of Taiqing, was rumoured to have attended Murong Tao's private party at the top of Mount Tai with the second-ranked ancient practitioner, Murong family's son, watching the sunrise together.

Mount Tai?

The Immortal Realm too, has a Mount Tai?


The sacred son of Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven, ranked tenth in the Immortal Realm, made a public speech in the East, asserting that he wanted to contact the Limitless Ancestral Hall; he made a solemn vow to the East that he would never let the person who ascended from the lower realm off.

However, the scribe thought that he seemed to have no chance. And looking at other young top-talents, to challenge the ascendants from the lower realm, the scribe was not optimistic about how the ending would turn out. From the looks of it, the ascendant was really a snake that crossed the river.

Rumour has it that an elder ranked top-ten stole another top-ten elder's Thirty-Eight Yitai, causing both parties to break out in a great fight.

The gossip was that when the ascendant from the lower realm brought the ancestral door to attack The Land of Eternal Day, occupied by Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven, the two respected Gods were actually all there and but had yet to reveal themselves.

This is the immortal network.

There is almost no difference between the immortal network and the Internet. It is only a little more advanced than the Internet and can enter the virtual world directly. As long as payment is made, a thought can be transmitted to various places.

The method of accessing the immortal network is also very simplethere are no charges, but some places in the virtual world charge fees.

For example, in some restaurants, food served can instantly boost energy. Those are very expensive.

Or if you want to deliver it somewhere, there it is also a fee.

This fee is charged to a credit card similar to that on Earth. It can be processed in any of the banks across the Immortal Realm and after processing, you can then engage in deals in the Immortal Realm.

Chu Yu does not have a card; hence naturally, he cannot spend. However, browsing various news or looking up on information, is not a problem.

Apart from some confidential information which charge fees, all other information is public.

One thought is all you need a super powerful search engine.

Among these news-- various headliners, gossips, and all kinds of sensational news, are exactly the same as the Earth's Internet.

This made Chu Yu gasp in awe at how similar the both worlds were.

An Immortal Realm like this, was something he had never imagined.

He was still overwhelmed when he exited the Immortal Realm network.

As for the various film and television dramas, well, the Immortal Realm has everything that you can expect to find. For someone like him-- who has neither money nor membership, can only watch long outdated films.

Not to mention, most of them are rather impressive-- with all kinds of flying and smashing, not even needing special effects, god damn it they were real.

Those blockbusters that are said to be extremely popular, will require you to upgrade to a membership in order to watch.

What a scam!

This is the Immortal Realm?

Why does it seem like a place where entertainment is paramount?

Look at those posters with high viewing rates, they are basically all gossip news.

At this time, young Zhangjiao came over seeking to meet.

After meeting, young Zhangjiao said rather excitedly, "Sovereign, the industry our ancestors left for us is really amazing! The legendary medicines in several pharmacies... have turned into essences and just talked to me about conditions. .."

"Wait, what do you mean?" Chu Yu frowned and interrupted the words of the teacher, "The medicines talked about conditions with you?"

"Yeah... those legendary medicines all display immense ingenuity, and it is impossible to treat them as casually as usual medicines." The teacher exclaimed, "Their medicinal properties as so strong that..."

"Hold on a second." Chu Yu looked at the thrilled young Zhangjiao, "Cut to the chase, what conditions did you discuss with those legendary medicines?"

The young master said: "For how long I would be extracting medicine from them and what I will be giving them in return.''

"Does it benefit us?" Chu Yu targeted the core of the problem.

Zhangjiao smiled wryly and said, "Sovereign, to call it beneficial, is completely subjective, it's fine as long as those legendary medicines don't get much damage. The conditions that we are discussing now will not let them suffer any damage.

"Shit! Bring me there!" Chu Yu rolled his eyes, the cabbages in his gardencould he not treat them as he pleases? So what if they turn into essences? Could they fight against the heavens?

As Zhangjiao walked, he said to Chu Yu, "Sovereign, those legendary medicines have extremely strong powers, they are not that easy to deal with..."

He was not in a good position to spill the truth but now, he could not hold it in anymore. He had to spill it honestly.

This group of important people in Limitless Sect certainly will not be a group of obedient babies. The medicines in their own yards have turned into essence, we are supposed to discuss conditions with them? Talk about your sister! They can talk again after supressing those medicines!

In the end, it was quite shameful; a group of powerful beings from the Ancestral Realm, as well as a few ultra-powerful ones, not only failed to suppress the legendary medicines, but they were quite humiliated by these legendary medicines that had turned into essence.

"Their speed is too fast! We can't lock our target at all, neither can we actually tear down the medicine garden. They also can't completely escape the medicine garden because of the prohibition, so in the end, both sides sat down and talked..." Zhangjiao said rather embarrassedly.

This is a very shameful thing. A group of powerful practitioners getting humiliated by a few powerful medicines.

This also made them realise that everything in the Immortal Realm is significantly different from the lower realm.

Although I call this place home, it really is unruly.

If just for such a small matter they were to complain to Sovereign, then they would not have to live anymore.

Chu Yu looked at Zhangjiao: "In future, we are going to be greatest sect of the Immortal Realm. You can't handle even a few legendary medicines, what are you doing in the Immortal Realm?"

Zhangjiao's face was filled with guilt, it was true when he thought about itamongst them were a few ultra-powerful ones, but they were not even capable of suppressing the legendary medicines.

"Of course, if we were to go full-blown at them, a mere few legendary medicines with not much attacking power would certainly be no match for us. But if we had done that, we would have suffered a loss.'' Zhangjiao was rather maddened.

As he spoke, he took Chu Yu to the medicine garden.

Although the seal was lifted, there is still a powerful magical formation guarding it.

Only by knowing the method of entrance can you successfully go past the magical formation.

At the entrance of the magical formation, a group of ancestral lords from the sect were present.

The second generation of the ancestral masters, the third generation of the ancestral masters... the N generation of the ancestral masters.

Seeing Chu Yu coming, the group of people were all rather embarrassed. They looked at Zhangjiao with faces of disdain.

Zhangjiao looked bitter but was too ashamed to explain his injustices.

Chu Yu walked straight in.

A few humanoid medicines arrogantly sat not far from the entrance.

There was even a long table in front of them, with wine and vegetables on the table. They were obviously prepared by the people of the sect.

Seeing Chu Yu enter, many humanoid medicines did not give a care and continued to drink and eat, with great enjoyment.

There was even a big medicine, who stuck out a root strand towards Chu Yu and hooked hands, "Kid, hurry up and get more wine here, being in this tattered place is no different from being in prison, the food is so bland.

Chu Yu faked a smile and looked at it, "Would you like me to get you a mother medicine?"

"What is a mother medicine? Whatever good stuff there is, just bring it over, don't talk so much! Otherwise, you had better watch out before I take your life!

Another big medicine yelled, "Hurry up and go quickly! Masters won't mistreat you bunch of medicine slaves. Occasionally, there will definitely be rewards!"

Medicine slaves?

Chu Yu narrowed his eyes, then turned back to look at Zhangjiao and a group of ancestral masters from Limitless Sect.

Everyone looked down and felt very ashamed.

There was no choice, these legendary medicines are simply too enchanting!

They had struck a group of people from the sect. After they entered the Immortal Realm, they also learned a lot about the Immortal Realm through the immortal network. They found that although there are many creatures of the level of a Powerful Being in the Immortal Realm, there are actually even more creatures under these Powerful Beings.

Although known as the Heavenly Immortals, there are countless other creatures in the Ancestral Realm, the Great Sage and the Sage Domain.

This allowed them to regain some confidence. In any case, there are many Ancestral Realms in the Limitless Sect, and there are some strong ones of the level of a Powerful Being.

And so, after entering the medicine garden, they nearly doubted getting out alive.

A few legendary medicinestheir level and powers so paramount they were indescribable, but their speed is lightning-quick and can easily reach hundreds of times the speed of light. In the huge medicine garden, it was simply impossible to even catch their shadows.

Instead, the people from the sect were constantly being played.

They worked hard for two days but had not successfully managed to suppress even a single legendary medicine of this class.

In the end, they could only sit down and negotiate with them, but were called medicine slaves by the legendary medicines. It meant slaves that served to take care of them

This name is extremely insulting, but there was no choice!

In the end, they had to accept it. Anyway, these legendary medicines also promised that they can take some liquid medicine for them at intervals. They could not escape the perimeters of the medicine garden either.

A group of people from the sect decided to grit their teeth and just endure it first.

Until they think of a method to stop them.

"What are standing still there for?" The legendary medicine's voice was rather sharp, and it appeared very displeased, "You don't want a single drop of medicinal extract anymore?"

"He he." Chu Yu suddenly showed a smile.

"Small fry, what are you laughing at?" that legendary medicine used its root to give Chu Yu a tight slap.

Like a demon waving a long whip, its speed was unimaginably quick!

A group of people from the sect's faces turned green. If even Sovereign was slapped, then their pride would completely go down the drain.

A group of people were immediately ready to put a stop to things.


But the next moment, their eyes were all frozen.

Because that root was already caught in the hands of Chu Yu.

Then, a terrible scene happened!

A path of flame, burning down the palm of Chu Yu, quickly spread across the entire root towards this humanoid legendary medicine, burning it in flames.


This humanoid drug let out a scream.

Never in their dreams would they have thought this person was actually capable of grasping one of their roots. Instantly, the other legendary medicines fled helter-skelter and scampered away!

"Fuck you all are too unruly!" the legendary medicine that was grabbed by Chu Yu shrieked in anger.

At the same time, thousands of roots, flying all over the sky, came piercing towards Chu Yu.

"Looking for death!"

Chu Yu's soul screamed, and in a shocking moment, his body burned with a strong fire and he gave the root in his hand a ferocious pull.

The roots of this legendary medicine that came piercing towards to Chu Yu, all burned in flames.

Then, the whole humanoid medicine, involuntarily came toward Chu Yu.

Behind Chu Yu, a group of people from the sect were stunned.

Zhangjiao muttered, "The speed of the Sovereign... is amazing!"

"Ah, mercy, respected immortal give mercy!" This legendary medicine finally felt the fear. The flame on Chu Yu was much too terrifying.

It felt a deadly threat.