Living In A Weird New World Chapter 10

9 Gaming Studio? 9
Emily got up in the morning to remember how she wasn't at her house. She quickly got dressed in the outfit she was given to burrow before hastily going over to Lilith room. Jade normally sleeps in when she goes to bed at a normal time. Emily knew she wouldn't go to bed until late as she was in a different bed. There was something else she knew about her sister; she has to hold something when she sleeps. Emily was hoping that she would unknowingly grab Lilith.

She slowly opened the door and peeked in. In the middle of the bed laid Lilith and Jade. Lilith was curled up hugging Jade as held Lilith's head. Emily smiled. She took a picture with her phone before slowly leaving the room.

About an hour later Lilith woke up. As she was waking she noticed the position she was in and tensed. She tried to get out of Jades grasp and ended up waking her. Waking up Jades shoulder length blonde hair laid over her eyes with a case of bed head.

"Good morning Jade." Lilith said on the verge of stuttering.

"Morning." Lilith used this chance to leave the room and go to the bathroom. As she entered she saw a basket slid open slightly. Inside were Emily's clothes. Lilith knocked on the door and waited a few seconds. Emily came out a minute later. Lilith was standing there holding a towel.

"You could've come in you know. We sometimes have to go to a public bathhouse. So we are used to other women seeing us to an extent."

"I didn't know if it would be rude." She handed the towel over before getting undressed. When Lilith was finished and was about to leave she saw Jade and Sarah in the other area. An awkward silence occurred between the three of them. Lilith quickly go dressed and when downstairs. Emily stared at Lilith with a knowing smile. After 30 minutes of waiting Jade came downstairs.

"Since you're here how about we help set up all of your accounts and systems? That way you can play the game when it comes out later today."

"Thanks mom." The four girls when to a Lilith's room where in the corner a new capsule lays. It was the one she received last night. Lilith was ushered to lay down on it before Rin closed it.

Rin talk inside through it, "Close your eyes and think of a computer log in screen. Then I'll be able to walk you through it easier." A very standard screen popped up and Lilith was brought to a creation menu. Rin step by step got Lilith though it. A VIP icon appeared on the corner of it. Rin was typing something in on a computer on the outside of the pod. "Would you guys like me to drive you home and help set up your systems?"

"We don't have room at our house for the FVR. So we're probably going to put them in the basement at Sophia and Lenard's house." Emily stated.

"Why don't I set up a room here where you all can come over and use them. It'd make it easier to play if you're all here in one place."

"I'd have to call Lenard to see." Emily takes out her phone and calls over to them.

On the speaker of the phone a female voice is yelling out repetitively, "game studio!"

Inside the pod Lilith is staring at a character that has the same face as her. Her height and body type are also the same. 'I probably should change somethings.' Lilith changes the hair pure white and make eye eyes both a single color. It was a deep crimson red that matched her left eye. She made the character have hair to her mid back, then pulled the ears out a bit giving the character an elven look.

She accepted the changes and moved to the next screen. She was able to pick race and place stat points. She clicked random race and looked at her status. She place a third in strength, a third in intelligence, and split them evenly between agility and constitution. With one point extra she places it into luck. After selecting finish her profile card appeared.

Name: Luminous

Race: Demon

Class: None

Secondary class: None

Stats: strength 15

Agility 12

Constitution 12

Wisdom 10

Intelligence 15

Luck 11

There was a smaller character with long white hair standing there. She had two horns coming from the top of her forehead, and long ears. The ears of the character increase more than what she put it due to demon her racial trait increasing the length of ears naturally. Piercing red eyes stared ahead with the coldness of a glacier. The character design gave a bit of an elegant and dangerous feel to it.

She closed the screen and opened the pod. The three girls were staring at her.

"So what type of character did you create?" Jade asked with curiosity. Most females pick an elven race, human, or beast man. These races have a normal or more beautiful look to them.

"I picked a random race." She looked at them.

"And your class?" Emily looked at her in anticipation.

"Ahh I forgot! You don't get classes in the beginning. You have to accept a quest for them." Rin rubbed her forehead.

"Can we see her character?" Jade asked. Rin pulled up Lilith character from the database. The stared at it for a minute before Emily sighed.

"It truly does fit her well. Gives a cool feel to it." Jade and Rin nodded.

"Plus Since she hit random she was able to get demon. There two sides going on in war in game. You won't get an advantage knowing this as you'll learn when you spawn in. Light and dark. Demons belong to the dark faction. So if you want to play as a group I suggest picking a dark side character." Rin told them the character races that fin into that side. They were dark elves, draconians, and demons. The light side were elves, humans, and beast man. Dwarfs were a neutral race that could pick sides.

Soon after the two sisters went in the pods that Rin had delivered. Half way through Sophia and Lenard came to the room and they to when in to set up their characters. They all picked the dark faction to be able to game with Lilith. Time passed by and the game opening was launched, so the 5 of them got into their pods and logged in. An start up screen appeared.
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