Living In A Weird New World Chapter 2

1 Whats Happening Here 1
On a busy street two cars collided as as a man honks his horn yelling profanities at the car that he hit. As people do the record the scene with little to no car in the world. A little girl twitches in an alleyway nearby. Slowly she wakes irritably up due to the commotion.

"Hhmmm," she stretches as he multicolored hair stretches over her gentle yet adorable face. She looks around confused. 'Where am I? Why's it bright all of a sudden?' She looks up at the now darkening amber sky.

"STOP! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST! Don't move." Next to her two guys fall on the ground as a guy in a uniform tackles the other who is wearing a solid dark blue hoodie.

"GET OFF ME B***H! You have no" as he looks to his right he sees a little girl which looks to be about 11 or 12. She looks to be semi-lucid almost like they she was drugged. He struggled trying to find his words as the girl was nodding in and out by a dumpster naked. Her long hair covering most of her chest as the mysterious girl leaned against the cold brick wall. "Hey. HEY MATE!"

"You're not getting out of this one Dan. We have eye witnesses this time."

"Shut up and look." After a brief pause trying to collect his thoughts and word them. "There's a child over there."

After he finished handcuffing the hooded man, the man pulls his knee off him slight to shift his weight. He slowly turns to look in the direction the man named dan is looking. "Ehhh!" He too gets stunned at this sight. He quickly regains himself, and pulls the walkie-talkie from his shirt as he calls into his support to ask for a car to come pick up the suspected criminal. He also calls for a ambulance to come check up on the girl and bring he to the hospital.

Six minutes later both of the vehicles pull up, screeching to a halt. The ambulance speeds down the road as it goes for Saint Mercy Hospital. Inside the ambulance the girl moans due to the noise of the sirens. 'It's too loud.' She said moaning while shifting into a ball under the blanket the emergency medics put over her.

"Little girl. Do you know where you are?"

She peeks from under the covers at the man speaking. 'What he saying?' She looks at him thoroughly confused. The man notices she's not understanding as he sighs. He pulls out a flashlight as he flashes it into the girls eyes. She backs away from him and hides.

They reach the hospital a few minutes later. She is princess carried with the blanket wrapped around her. She flails as she is brought into a room. A female nurse goes in with them as the paramedic leaves. The nurse takes the blanket to check for injuries. There as faint scars on he body that seem to have healed. There is a look of pity in the nurse's eyes as she lays out some clothes for the girl on the bed.

Across the room a full body mirror is the girl looks into it. In the mirror a very cute girl stands. She has Heterochromia iridum. One of her eyes a deep crimson red and the other is a purple that seems to contain a never ending abyss. Long hair that starts out a blue color and gradually changes into dark purple at the bottom. Skin as pure and pale as porcelain. Other than a bunch of streak like scars on her stomach, back, and arms, you can't see anything that makes her different from a moving doll.
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