Living In A Weird New World Chapter 5

4 Getting Life In Order.. Maybe 4
The next day Lilith woke up right before the sun came up. She got dressed and walked around the house looking for the bathroom. She once again got lost in the corridors. After 2-3 minutes of looking she found one of the two maid she saw the day before.

"Young madam is lost? This way I'll lead you around. Don't hesitate to ask if you need help."

"Hmm," Lilith nodded while she tried memorizing the layout. They got back to the door of her bedroom, and they walked into the door opposite to the left. The bathroom was massive compared to all the ones she had seen before. This was apparently to be her own personal bathroom. The bathroom was split into two part one part took two thirds of the room. It had a toilet and a marble counter with a large mirror two sinks and a wooden centerpiece with baskets in little cubbies. (1)

Noticing Lilith staring at the wooden cabinet against the wall the maid walked over to it and pulled out of of the baskets. "Young miss can put your dirty clothes in this basket. I will bring you some change of clothes and take you dirty ones while you wash yourself." A moment of silence occurs before Lilith take off he clothes and puts it in the basket. She stares at the maid for a few more moments.

"Where is the bath?" Realization slowly spreads upon the maids face.

"This way please. It's behind this door." She slides a stereotypical paper door as Lilith walks in. Inside there was a massive tub against the back wall. It could allow a fully grown adult to sprawl out completely and still have a bit of room. On the closest wall there was there was 3 handheld shower heads.

"Would the Young Miss like me to help?"

"No. I'm fine."

Fifteen minutes later Lilith came out and looked in the basket. Her clothes were indeed gone. She pulled the one next to it out and in it there was a navy blue one piece dress. The maid from before was waiting outside the door. "The madam and sir are waiting for you in the dining hall." She lead the way through the building and they got to the dining room. Compared to the rest of the building the area was modest. it had a table that could fit 6 and matching oak chairs. Lily sat at the table and was given a plate of waffles.

After breakfast she was lead into a car by her new mother. Her new father had to go the company to finish the partnership item between her mother and fathers company. Lilith and her we're heading over to then public school 15 minute from their home. Rin was very adamant about Lilith going to public school rather the private. She kept stating that it would allow her to see a more varied living style. Francis eventually gave in as he couldn't change either of the two girls minds.

The car pulled up to the front of the building. The school year had already started so she would have to transfer in. The two met up with the principal to talk about Lilith's needs.

"Although she is normally much to young to attend..." the Principle looks like he is struggling to decide. "Just looking at the testing papers she should be able to function academically as a freshman. Would it be better for her to be in middle school with the children her age?"

"I understand your anxieties about this, but Lilly will be unable to learn anything there."

The principle sighs. "Fine Ms Tsukiko. We can have her uniform to you at earliest the day after tomorrow."

"Great," a large smile was plastered on Rin's face. "Would you be kind enough to show us the building a bit?" The three of them walked around seeing most of the places Lilith would need to know for the coming days. As they walk some students saw Lilith's mother, they start staring and gossiping. They were to busy staring at Rin to notice Lilith though.

After about an hour the tour ended. Lilith and Rin got back in the car and when to the Cinders local headquarters. As they walked in they security came to help escort to basement level 8. They met up with Francis in a lavatory with 15 technicians, 7 scientist, and 2 neural surgeons. The we testing a little tube cabin that would fit a tall man nicely. "Lilith come over her real quick." Francis got the employees attention an introduced Lilith. "This here is Lilith, my precious daughter. I hope everyone can be kind to her. After we launch out new product I hops if she has any questions about it you could help."

"Lilly, hunny why don't you go watch what the professionals are doing I need to go upstairs with your father. We will be on the news in about 10-15 minutes. They will be watching it live from down here you can watch with them." The two of them got in the elevator. As the doors where closing Rin was waving to Lilith. Turning around Lilith saw that the people down there were staring at her.
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