Living In A Weird New World Chapter 6

5 Learning Away From School 5
Lilith sat around waiting for the press conference to be over. She looked at some of the technicians do some more work on the machine. Curious she goes up to one sitting down on the computer. "What are you writing?" She startled the person she snuck up on.

After calming down slightly, "I'm looking over the code."


"Ahh, yes... I would've though your mother would have taught you some. She's probably one of the best programmers. If not the best."


"Truely! If it wasn't for her skill there is no way she could have made a small roadside business into the corporation it is today?"

Lilith was in deep thought. 'Would mother be willing to teach me? Should I help with the business after I learn enough to pay her back for everything?' Lilith face scrunched up slightly as she thought about her choices. She wandered off thinking about it. "Hmmmm."

"What's wrong Lilly?" Rin's voice startled Lilith out of her thoughts. She had been wandering in circles thinking for the past half hour.

"I saw one of the people doing ... programming?" A look of revelation spread across Rin's face.

"You must mean Sarah. She is top notch at it." A smile grew on her face. "So you interesting in what mommy does?" Lilith nods slightly. "Would you like me to teach you? It's only 2:30pm, we could go home and I could show you. I could just have a maid go clothes shopping."

Lilith looked up with wide eyes. "I wouldn't bother you taking your time to learn?"

"Nothing of the sort!" Rin picks up Lilith in a hug. "Stop being so reserved. You part of the family."

"Mmh." Lilith nods silently. It was a social ride to the house.

"So what's with the sudden interest in my work? Don't say because you want to help either."

"It's interesting." A few seconds of silence occurs. Before Rin awkwardly laughs

"Guess you have to start somewhere. Speaking of starting somewhere, where do you want to start?"

"Gaming, Like you." Rin has a goofy smile on her face. If she wasn't driving she would be hugging Lilith rubbing their cheeks against each other.

"No problem. I would like you to get friends though. Life would be boring and depressing without friends after all." She prattle on about how it would help Lilith with coming out of her shell in the future. That if she stays so quiet she won't find a date. "Well... the date might not be a problem, but you can't let weird people hang around you. You have to promise that you'll at least attempt to find friends even if it's not a lot."

"Ok." Lilith nods slightly. Rin laughs awkwardly again.

"I guess talking more will have to come later." They pull into the driveway a few minutes later. "Come Lily. Come come." She pulls Lilith toward her office. Both her and Francis have their own office so that they don't get their paperwork confused. The house is too big for a two person family so there's still 13 rooms that can be filled.

An hour later, Lilith is sitting in Rin lap. Rin has a serious look on her face as Lilith is quickly solidifying her basics in the programming language. Due to Lilith memory being so perfect, Rin only needs to explain the things once. After 30 minutes of rules behind the codes and 30 minutes of explaining the code pieces, Lilith can write simple animations. Although it was only a block moving up and down, it was still scary how quick she's gaining the basics. Lilith continued typing code making trying to make the cube a human shape.

"You're doing very good. Let's take a break." Rin called a maid in to get some light snacks in. Lilith stares at the maid who entered as she didn't see this woman before. "We have shifts for the people. You won't notice as the two maids you're used to will be her right as your classes end."

After a eating some sugary treats they go back to learning. By the time dinner came around, Lilith learned most of the basics techniques. Since Lilith won't be able to go to school the next day either Rin made a suggestion. "Why don't we spend tomorrow learning more? You're catching up to the people I would hire quite quickly."

"Mmh. How far?" Lilith nods asking.

"You're about... what you'd be learning in your 3rd semester of programming if you were in college." Rin rubbed Lilith's head gently. This made Lilith smile slightly.

The maid from before came and knocked on the door. "Madam dinners ready. The master is waiting."

They sat down at the table and started eating. "What were you two up to today?"

"Studying." Francis looked at her confused.

"Lily was curious about what I do so I thought her the basics. She is a little genius so it will be hard to teach her anything soon." Lilith smiles slightly as the praise. "When school starts I will continue teaching you, but I can only do it for two to three hours after dinner." Lilith nodded at this. "You can study on your own in the mean time. By the way tomorrow your new clothes and bedroom supplies should come in." The rest of the night was in eventful as Rin had to do the paperwork she missed while teaching Lilith.

The next morning Lilith woke up the same time as the previous morning. She when and bathed for 20 minutes enjoying herself. When she got out she when to the basket that was supposed to have her new clothes in it, but it was empty. Lilith stared at it for a minutes wondering what to do now. The maid that showed her the bathroom before knocked on the door before coming in 10 seconds later. "The Young miss is up already?!" The maid looked surprised. "I'm sorry, I would've done this earlier if I had known you would be up." The maid apologized heavily.

"What's your name?"

"I-it's Sarah." She had a look of defeat as she though she was going to be fired.

"Do you have my clothes?"

"Huh?" She was startled. 'Is she not mad I made he wait here?'

"Clothes please. I'm getting cold." She was standing there in a bathing towel with her hair still damp.

"Oh sorry!" Sarah hurriedly gave her her clothes. It was a black hoodie with a cat ear indent on the top a blue hoodie, a knee length black frilly skirt, knee socks, and underwear. She walked to her mothers office for her lessons. Around noon a the other maid Lilith first saw knocked on the door.

"Madam. The people are here with the bedroom set."

"I'll meet The and tell them where to place everything. Lilly keep working on the project and I'll check it over when I get back." Rin currently had Lilith working on one of the old project for her company that is understaffed. It wasn't one that needed to be complete at the moment, however Lilith wanted to do it so she could help her. Reluctantly Rin agreed. She didn't want Lilith to feel she had to do it so she was going to edit it to where it needed to be after Lilith left. Lilith continued working on it until around 4:00pm when she looked over it and realized something about it. She opened a new file up and started working again. She pulled a different file she saw her mother doing once and copied it over so she doesn't harm the original file. It just so happened that the program she was creating would help with the FVR program. She thought that it could be applicable with it. This continued until 6:30pm when Sarah came to get Lilith for dinner.

"It's a little later than normal, but dinners ready Young miss."


"Young miss, do you normally wake up that early?" Lilith nodded. "I'll bring your clothes earlier for you then." Dinner was rather uneventful; however, Lilith told Rin what she did and though could be done. Rin was rather speechless as she wouldn't have thought a program to make machines speed up could be used in such a way. It made her question if it could work.

After dinner Rin brought Lilith to her room. " Lilly tell me what you think. We can change some things later if you don't like it. Lilith was surprised at how much could change in six and a half hours. The walls were painted a light blue that matched the top part of her hair. A new specially made bed was place in the middle of the back wall; it was a purple that matched the bottom of her hair. It was large enough for four of her to lay next to each other with no problem. The bed had a soft blanket that made you feel like you were on a cloud. A new 80in flatscreen HD television was mounted on the wall across from the bed. A bunch of stuffed animals where put on the bed. Lilith walk in and went to the closet. There was a 7 uniforms, 14 different one piece dress, and a variation of different skirts and shirts, and 3 more cat hoodies of differing colors. Lilith looked at Rin.

"How did you get so much done?"
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