Living In A Weird New World Chapter 8

7 Friends? 7
The next day at school continued similar to the previous. The group of delinquents tried harassing Lilith once again, but Sophia came around a few minutes later. It ended in a glaring session. Today it was Physical Education after English. Lilith came out of the locker room with Sophia. Lilith shirt was slightly big for her.

"Sorry Lilith. It's the smallest size we could get you."

"It's fine."

Today was the physical testing day. The teacher said Lilith could exempt herself if she doesn't feel she can keep up. Due to the changes she had occur beach in the hospital however the testing turned out to be very simple. It made a bunch of the sport teams swarm her afterwards. She only got away when she went into the student council room as Lenard and Sophia forced them out.

"You sure are athletic. You basically blew the records of the school out of the water. In fact I think you are on the professional level." Lenard look at Lilith weirdly when he was told the scores. "If they continue just tell them no."

Lilith nods and starts eating her food. Samantha made her a mix between Irish food and English. "Your food sure is exotic today. Do you like cooking?" Asked Emily.

"Samantha made it."

"Your sister?" Lilith shakes her head. "Mother?" She shakes her head again. A quiet spreads through out the room. Emily feels awkward from the questions.

"Are we friends?" Lilith interrupted the quiet.

"Do you feel we are? If so then we would be, why?"

"My mother says I should get some." Emily and Sophia smile wryly at what was said.

They both thought, 'Have you never had a friend before? What kind of life have you had?'

"Then how about giving us you number. We can hang out after school and on the weekends." Sophia pulled out her phone getting ready to put it in

"My measurements are..."

Emily realized what Lilith was going to say and stopped her. "WAIT WAIT WAIT. First Lilith hunny please don't give your measurements out as I'm sure some pervert will memorize them. Lenard looked at Emily suspiciously like she was implying him. "Sophia was talking about your phone number."

Lilith looked confused so loaned asked. "Do you not have a mobile phone? How do you contact your parents?"

"I'm normally dropped off and picked up. I don't leave the house to go anywhere either."

"Would you like to go get one after school with us?" Sophia asked. "We can make sure you get a good one for a reasonable price."

"Thank you for your help." The day continued with Lilith being swarmed by the sports teams. It got to the point the school paper wrote an entire page on it. Since Lilith has a ride, she was going to ask if Sarah would drive them. It was naturally a yes with a call to Rin to tell her Lilith has friends now.

In the car which was slightly cramped now because of the amount of people Emily asked, "Lilith if you would like we have a open position on the student council. It's the planning leader. You would lay out everything for events and be the person who publicizes everything we change or make."

"Thank you for the offer. I will accept."

"Congrats Young miss." The three had a confused look at why Lilith is being called Young miss. "Young miss and friends, we've arrived at the mall. I can pick you all up and drive you home if you'd like."

"No, thank you though, we live close enough to here we can walk home." The left to the phone store . On the back of the wall there was a group of 5 different phone on their own stand. All the other phones had 3-4 per stand.

"Sophia. What's with those phones?" Lilith pointed to the back wall.

"Those are the top of the market ones. Two are from Cinder, one is from SongSum, one is from TMix, and the last is from MotoRolla." Lilith walked over to the two Cinder phones.

Emily walks over and taps her shoulder. "I don't have much, but I can help if you'd like one."

"My mother gave me a card I can use to buy things I want. I just need to tell her afterwards." Lilith gets one of the workers to pull out one of the cinder phones. It was a the wider version. The color was a luminescent blue color. The employee wanted to get more out of Lilith so he go the most expensive one. When the other three saw the price the were startled.

"Lilith! Won't your mother and father be angry?" Lilith shook her head.

"We are apparently well of as I was told I could buy anything the card let's me." This made them sigh. They felt even if your allowed that Lilith shouldn't spend money so easily.

"Let me put my phone number in your phone." The four of them exchanged numbers. "Since you just bought your first phone let's celebrate. There's still a lot of time before we have to go back? Lilith looked up after putting the maids number in her phone. She was given in Incase of emergencies.

"Oh if I remember there's that arcade the four of us went to in middle school and elementary." They ended up at a old looking building with a bunch of flashing lights and loud noises. They played games like skiiball, wack-a-mole, a basicetball game, shooting game, and the claw game. Lilith enjoyed the claw game the most and spent quite a bit of time on it. She ended up wining a bandaged rabbit stuffed animal. The other three thought it was weird, but Lilith thought it was cute so they let it go without saying anything.

"Next Thursday it will be my supposed birthday. Would you guys like to come?"

"Sure, I can my sister should be better by then. We don't have class from Tuesday through to next Monday because of the elections." Emily said.

"I forgot about those! Isn't the FVR system supposed to come out that day too." Sophia asked.

"I heard about that. I think it's being overhyped though." Lilith pouted slightly at what Lenard said. Nobody noticed though.

"Then how about we each get one." Lilith wanted to prove they weren't.

"They are two expensive." Emily said downcast. The other two sighed as well.

"I can get you some." Lilith looked at them. "We're friend now right?" The three didn't want to take advantage of her, but they felt they shouldn't deny her. So the hesitantly agreed. They ended up going their separate ways as Lilith texted the maid, Samantha, that she's ready to be picked up. Around this time she saw a woman with very little clothes on asking men that passed if they wanted to have some fun. Lilith sudoku felt her body warm up as she saw the woman and a guy go into an alleyway with a lot of doors. 5 minutes later the guy came out. Lilith's body reacted almost automatically as she went into the door that had yet to clothes.

"What? You forget something? Get it and get out the longer we're together the more dangerous it is." Lilith bit the lower part of the woman neck as she drank the blood from her. She quickly bled out and as she died Lilith felt something cold pass over her. She stumbled out of the room. As she walked to the parking lot a car pulled up next to her a few minutes later. She was led in by the maid and brought home. Lilith ended up falling asleep on her bed as soon as she got in her room. She slept though dinner slightly worrying her parents until the maid told them that Lilith was out with friends all day.
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