Living In A Weird New World Chapter 9

8 The First Of Many Things 8
Lilith slept in the next day it was much later then normal, but she went through the normal motions. She met her northern and father in the dining room. They asked about her friends l, and asked if she would bring them around sometime. She told them how she wanted to invite them to the part in the coming days. Life went on fruitfully. The last day of school before the three day holiday break Lilith was told by Emily that her sibling is finally over her sickness. She would be able to go to the party the next day. Emily wanted to just make sure there was no relapse so she had her sibling stay home. Lilith told Rin to prepare for her. Excited for the next day Lilith when to sleep that night. She struggled going to sleep as this would be her first ever part, so she had a flurry of emotions. She woke up later than normal because of this. Seeing the time she hurried up and got prepared. Her mother got a solid white one piece dress with a black polka dot ribbon to go around the dress. She went downstairs to the car waiting for her. She was supposed to pick her friends up at the school that day as they didn't know where she was living at the time. It was a slightly large car then the one the maid drove them to the mall with. Today, however, the person who was driving her couldn't stop sneaking glances. When she absorbed the blood and soul from the prostitute her body started making subtle changes. He skin got smother, hair became more silky smooth, and her face became more perfect. Her parents, friends, maids, and classmates didn't notice as it was happening over the few days. It seems like it will continue changing for a long time as well.

"Hey Lilith come meet Jade! I'm sure you'll become good friends too" Sophia dragged Lilith toward the bench on the other side of the street. "Guys she's here finally."

"Did you drag her over here?! It her birthday you shouldn't..." Lenard started to punish Sophia for pulling Lilith around like a pet animal.(1) Lilith saw Emily and her sister standing talking. When the sister turned around Lilith's heart beat quicken slightly. Emily is a typical definition of beauty. Her sister, however, was different. She wasn't ugly by any means. She too was beautiful, but it was in a way that made one question their preferences.(2) She looked like if she put on a suit, she would look like an adorable young boy. Currently she was wearing a tighter fitting biking shorts that went right above the knees, a tank top, and a hooded jacket.

"Lilith this is jade. She is my younger sister. She had a pretty bad cold so she couldn't come to school. Jade this is Lilith. She is the new student council member and schoolmate." There was an awkward quiet between the two of them as Lilith had a slight blush when she was staring at Jade. Jade had a similar reaction when she turned around. She saw Lilith who looked like she came from a storybook due to the enhancements the Sin of Lust gave,and Lilith was already at a high point of looks before it too making her harder to not look at. She looked at Lilith trying to say something, but word wouldn't come out of her mouth. Emily looked between the two for a few second before she priced it together.

"Lilittthhhh." Sophia held onto her arm snapping her out of her own little world. "You don't mind being pulled over here right? Lenard doesn't believe me."

"It's fine." Lilith looked back towards Jade. "It's nice to meet you."

Seeing her greeting her jade greeted back. "Same nice to meet you Lilith." The walked over to the car. It was an SUV. It had enough room for the five of them. Emily forced Lilith and jade into the very back seat. Her and Lenard sat in the middle and Sophia sat in the front. Sophia messes with the radio the entire way and bothered the driver. The back very back had an awkward atmosphere to it, but they were in their own little world. This made Emily laugh and Lenard curious what happened. As the got close to the house Sophia started quieting down looking at the houses. They were really nice and getting nicer. Security was incredibly tight. The others in the student council except jade looked out the windows at the pulled up the driveway. When they got out Rin and Francis was waiting outside.

"It's nice to finally meet my little Lily's friends." Rin states with a big smile. Seeing the house made everyone except Jade surprised.

"You live here?!" Lenard and Sophia asked.

"You guys didn't put the prices together? Her last name is Tsukiko, Rin Tsukiko, a corporate giant, sponsers our school out of nowhere, and she comes into our school right after the sponsor." The three of them look startled that they missed all of it after Jade pointed it out.

"That doesn't explain why you aren't startled at this house though." Lenard asked.

"It's the most luxurious house in the nearest 100 miles. And only this family could afford such a thing."

Rin chuckles and bring them in. They were barely able to fit around the dining room table for lunch without being directly next to each other, but by the end the two sibling ended up shoulder to shoulder due to feeling like there was to much room around them. It made them feel weird. They ended up going to Lilith's room and getting surprised again. This time jade was surprised too.

The parents wanted to allow Lilith to have a private birthday this year. When she had he adult birthday in 4 years they planned on bringing a bunch of important people over to establish connections between them and Lilith.

The group hangs out in Lilith's room playing console games, playing on the laptop, and talking. Around dinner time the group and Lilith's parents go for dinner. Expecting the children wouldn't be used to fancy restaurants they go to a nice steak house. They ended up renting the entire place out though, making Sophia, Emily and Lenard once again come to terms Lilith is quite loaded. Emily and Rin seemed to talk to each other a lot. It seems that Rin is Emily's role model. While talking she drops hint to notice the reactions between Lilith and Jade. When the get back to the house everyone starts to give Lilith her presents.

"Lily honey. Since you were so interested in the prototype gaming console back at the lab I got you a personalized one. I'm also getting your friends one so you can enjoy FVR with your friends." Rin was showing Lilith a capsule bed that had a fancy design on the shell of it. It had a softer interior so it is more comfortable to lay in for longer period of times, and it had a smaller size so it is easier to operate. Lilith's friends looked both surprised and ecstatic at the gift they also received. They ended up feeling that their gift were slightly lesser now though. Lilith received a nice phone case from Emily and a little phone accessory of a baby goat from Jade. Sophia tried backing out but Lenard got her to give her the gift. She wanted to get something better after seeing the other gifts. It was a small clip. Lenard gave a hair clip as well. The both ended up matching a color of her hair.

"Would you four like to stay the night? We can clear a room for you."

Sophia perked up and was about to say something but Lenard interrupted. "Sorry but Sophia has a dentist appointment tomorrow."

"I-it would be fine it's in the afternoon." After a few rounds Sophia gave up as she knew she wouldn't win this.

Both Rin and Emily though up an idea at the same time.

"If you wouldn't feel inconvenienced." Emily looked at Rin as she recognized the goal.

"It's fine stay as long as you like. Lilly since Jade is around your age why don't you two have a little slumber party." Francis looked at Rin confused. He didn't say anything as he trusted her. Lilith and Jade when to her room as Lilith blushed slightly looking away shyly. This was the first time she was going to spend alone with Jade. Rin, Francis, and Emily were left behind.

"Aren't they adorable together hunny. I'm glad Emily pointed it out. I get to see her first crush." Francis seemed to have a realization at this point.

"I see so that's what the awkward atmosphere between them was. Hopefully there is no rumors or slander going to start though." He sighs. Although it's accepted in society, people will us whatever they can to hurt another person. With such an orientation it's even more likely.

"It's fine you two. If there's anything Jades good at it's controlling the momentum of conversations. She won't let Lilith down. If she does I'll be the first to punish her." Emily had a glint in her eye as she spoke. She truely ended up looking at Lilith as close to another sister. Rin was both surprised and happy looking at Emily. "I think if not tonight then sometime tomorrow she'll get the feelings out of Lilith."

The bed was large enough for two people to lay next to each other and never touch but to Lilith it felt like she was all on Jades body. It make her have trouble sleeping. Jade took the opportunity first to speak. "Do you not like me very much?" She figures if Lilith was asleep then it wouldn't matter to say aloud, but if she was awake then she could brake the ice a bit and be able to talk normally with her.

"I don dislike you!" Lilith panicked slightly and sat up startling Jade. Seeing she got started Lilith panicked a bit more. Lilith doesn't normally show a lot of emotion on her face, but she couldn't help but show it on her face right now. She ended up blushing a bit due to what she did. This was the first time Jade saw anything spear on Lilith's face today so she laughed. If the others were to see Lilith like this they would be surprised. They have already taken bets on if anything could make her freak out, and if they knew it was Jade who people teased for not being able to pick a gender and the like, who knew what they'd look like.

"Then what is it? You've been avoiding looking at me, being near me, and talking all day. From what my sister has told me, you don't talk large amounts but you do talk enough to hold a conversation. I haven't seen it though." Jade felt that her sister wouldn't lie to her, so it had to be something about her that made Lilith be the opposite of what she was told. She felt that Lilith disliked her for something, but she didn't know what it could be.

"It's just..." Lilith started to shake slightly. She didn't want Jade to hate her already it was just her body and mind felt weird when she went to talk to her. "I get this weird feeling in my body when I'm around you. It's stronger when I look at you. When I want to say something my mind seems to stop...Don't hate me. I know I've been bad to your expectations." Jade looked at Lilith. She looked like she was about to cry. He slightly shaking made Jades heart weaken as she couldn't be mad at this little girl in front of her.

"It's fine....I'm sorry for getting mad. Talk to me like normal even if you cant think like you were." Jade wiped Lilith's cheek and hugged her. Lilith blushes again but deeper then what she was doing all day. Her ears started to turn red. 'Seems she doesn't know what she's feeling huh. Guess I had to be a bit assertive to get what is needed out. Now that she's talking she's actually quite cute. Maybe..'

Lilith ended closing her eyes tightly for a few moments before slowly opening them. Jade was fast asleep. She stared at her sleeping face for a minute before looking at the clock behind jade and saw that it said. (2:56) She should sleep as sh needs to set up both her game account and system account for her FVR. Since they were there they might even set up the accounts for Emily and Jade. The game opens at 5:00pm later that day. She hugs onto Jade as she falls asleep slowly with a smile on her face.
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