Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Living With A Temperamental Adonis 1
Chapter 1: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (1)
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The most beautiful time of my life began with me meeting you

It was already one in the morning when Su Zhinian arrived home in his car. His bungalow was quiet. Other than the single light in the living room, the rest of the house was shrouded in darkness.

As Su Zhinian stepped upstairs, he loosened his tie. Pushing open the bedroom door, he flipped on the light and casually dropped his coat jacket and tie on the sofa. He started to unbutton his shirt as he walked toward the bathroom.

Before he crossed the threshold of his bathroom, Su Zhinian stopped in his tracks and his fingers undoing his button froze as if he sensed something wrong in the room. He turned slowly around and noticed the woman sleeping in his bed.

Su Zhinian's brows creased with caution. He scanned the frame of the woman roughly before stopping on her face. When recognition dawned, his face dropped. He stalked to the side of his bed and dragged the sleeping woman out of his bed and toward the door.

Song Qingchun was woken up by the commotion and her brain was still in a haze. When she realized the pain shooting through her body, she had already been dragged out of the bedroom.

"Su Zhinian, you're home" The man's icy expression dropped and became even chillier when the woman call his name. His hand that gripped Song Qingchun's wrist increased in strength and the woman yelped out in pain, swallowing the rest of her words.

Su Zhinian dragged Song Qingchun down the stairs in a hurried manner. Unable to catch up to his tempo, Song Qingchun stumbled and knocked over one of the cabinets. The crashing china created a deafening crescendo, waking up the sleeping Auntie Sun downstairs. The elderly woman rushed out in her robe and yelled in shock and fear when she saw what was happening, "Mr. Su, Miss Song, what are you"

Before Auntie Sun could continue, she was silenced by an icy glance coming from Su Zhinian's eyes. She lowered her gaze and took two steps back, looking on as the helpless Song Qingchun was dragged past her.

"Su Zhinian, let me go" Song Qingchun struggled to escape from Su Zhinian's grasp. She failed and was eventually dragged to the door. The door was thrown open, and the wintry night breeze blew in. The shivering Song Qingchun said in a shaking voice, "Su Zhinian, I have something important to discuss with you"

Before she could finish, Su Zhinian, who had not said a word since he reached home, suddenly opened his mouth to say, "Song Qingchun, who gave you permission to be here?" His words were laced with an iciness that was as cold as the night breeze.

Probably cowed by Su Zhinian's sharp and pointed tone, Song Qingchun shuddered and the words she meant to say disappeared before they could leave her lips.

Su Zhinian turned slowly around, his handsome face devoid of any emotion. His gaze was like two sharp knives that pierced Song Qingchun. His lips were stretched to a thin line and the words that came out of it were frozen with ice, dripping with cruelty. "I remember saying, unless it is your dead body, I do not want to see you in my life again!"

With that, Su Zhinian tossed Song Qingchun out of the door harshly, and in the next second, the door slammed in her face with an ear-splitting thud.