Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 102

Chapter 102: An Impulsive Kiss 2
Chapter 102: An Impulsive Kiss (2)
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Song Qingchun thought about this until her brain hurt, but she still could not come up with a logical explanation. Finally, she sighed and shook her head as she pushed these questions out of her mind.

Su Zhinian leaned against the bedroom door for a long time before he raised his hand to touch his lips.

Even though some time had passed since the kiss, her taste and temperature still seemed to linger on his lips.

She had been his house guest for many days now. Even though they did not share a room, in the stillness of the night, he could hear the sound of her breathing clearly.

He was not interested in things like that when it came to other women, but with her, he was nothing but a normal man struggling with his base urges. Therefore, he would often find himself being scalded by the boiling blood coursing through his body.

When the urges became too strong, he would jump into the cold shower or stand out on the balcony instead of surrendering to his desire of touching her.

Hence, just now was the first time he had lost control of his rationality. As he pulled open the door, his last shred of sanity reminded him to use his superpower to mind control her.

When he kissed her, his heart was soaring, but he was also weighed down by a host of pains and pressures.

At the end of the day, he had merely used his superpower to enact a play to lie to himself. After the curtain closed, and the actors were stripped of their roles, the only thing that remained was an even deeper heartache.

He had no right to kiss her. Five years ago, when he accidentally stumbled into that secret, he had lost all the rights he had.

Even in his dreams, he wanted to be good to her, but he understood that he could only perform those loving actions in his dreams, and even the simplest and gentlest of sweet words, he could only utter when he was alone.

It had been half a month since Qin Yinan returned to Beijing, but he had not had time to meet up with his old friends. To facilitate a meet-up, he held a party to gather all of his old and new friends on the fifteenth.

Qin Yinan's party was a bit too sudden; Song Qingchun received the invitation only on the morning of the fifteenth.

Even though Song Qingchun had sworn to give up Qin Yinan, it did not mean that she could cut all ties from him just like that.

Even without the romantic entanglements, Qin Yinan was still an important individual in her life. At the end of the day, he was still family.

Therefore, Song Qingchun accepted the invitation after briefly hesitating. The hesitation came from the fact that Qin Yinan's party started at 8 pm, and her time was not hers after 7 pm.

After saying goodbye to Qin Yinan on the phone, Song Qingchun racked her mind, trying to come up with an excuse to ask for a day-off from Su Zhinian.

Actually, over the past few days, Su Zhinian returned home every day, and the man who was usually gloomy was the brightest she had ever seen him. She remembered two days ago when she accidentally spilled the broth on his shirt sleeves when she was ladling him the soup. At the time, her heart had been in her throat; she had apologized profusely instantly, but this man with an extreme cleanliness obsession picked up a napkin to dab at the spot and continued eating like nothing had happened. Not only that, after a few bites, he even nodded at a seat across from him to signal for her to join him for dinner.