Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 104

Chapter 104: An Impulsive Kiss 4
Chapter 104: An Impulsive Kiss (4)
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She was already curious as to why her Big Boss would change so suddenly, but when she noticed that the caller ID of the message sender was "the person hiding in my memory" through the rear-view mirror, she understood everything instantly.

Her guess was right, "the person hiding in my memory" was Big Boss' sweetheart, and she was now staying at Big Boss' home

Cheng Qingchong then saw Su Zhinian pick up the phone, probably to read the message. To her surprise, he studied it for a long time, and there was an imperceptible affection residing within his eyes.

She had managed to sneak a peek at the content of the message earlier, and it was nothing extraordinary. It said, "Mr. Su, can I ask you what time you will reach home?"

From the term, "Mr. Su", Cheng Qingchong could tell that the girl who sent the message was not close, perhaps even a bit distant from Su Zhinian.

Anyone who received such an official message from his or her crush would be at least a little devastated, right? So why did she pick up a trace of appreciation from her Big Boss?

Just how deep did one's love have to be in order to treat such a formal-sounding message from one's lover as treasure?

The car had entered the residential area; they would reach Su Zhinian's bungalow in less than a minute.

However, Su Zhinian, who had finally come to, still typed one word as reply and sent it.

Just as Song Qingchun was contemplating putting her life on the line to give Su Zhinian another call, a message came through to her phone. She picked it up immediately and saw it was a message from Su Zhinian that read: "Now."

Almost at the same time as Song Qingchun read that word, she heard the sound of a car's engine coming from outside.

Song Qingchun stood up subconsciously and looked through the window. She saw Su Zhinian just getting out of his car.

"He sure wasn't kidding with that now" Song Qingchun grumbled under her breath as she ran to the door.

Su Zhinian almost blurted out laughing when he heard the "He sure wasn't kidding with that now" coming from Song Qingchun.

The levity on his face lasted for barely a minute before the front door was pushed open.

Su Zhinian's expression returned to its usual barrenness. He glanced at Song Qingchun's bright smile and did not give a response to her "Mr. Su, you're home?" as he stepped into the house.

Song Qingchun helped Su Zhinian change out of his shoes and helped him hang his coat on the rack. She was going to ask him whether he wanted a drink, when Su Zhinian asked, "Tell me, what do you want to discuss?"

Then, the man reclined down the sofa like he had no care in the world and picked up the remote to switch on the television.

Song Qingchun stood at the side quietly, staring at Su Zhinian's profile. After a while, she asked in a tone that was barely above a whisper, "Mr. Su, I wish to apply for a day-off."

Su Zhinian's gaze was still glued to the television. His finger was controlling the remote. After flipping through eight stations, he moved his lips to say, "Time, venue, reason."

Why did he ask for so many details? Does he think that I'm a primary school student requesting leave?

Song Qingchun grumbled internally but answered truthfully, "Brother Yinan is having a party at City Clubhouse at 8 pm tonight."

Brother Yinan When Su Zhinian heard these two words, his hand that controlled the remote froze.