Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 105

Chapter 105: An Impulsive Kiss 5
Chapter 105: An Impulsive Kiss (5)
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Was this the first time she had consciously asked him for a day-off since she had moved into the bungalow?

The first day-off, and it was for Qin Yinan Su Zhinian's gaze was radiating iciness.

Song Qingchun waited for some time, and when she realized Su Zhinian was staring at the television screen without any reply, she added, "Mr. Su, may I?"

Su Zhinian acted like he completely did not hear her and stared right ahead at the television screen without blinking.

Just as Song Qingchun was deciding whether or not to ask a third time, the man's head suddenly turned, and his gaze slowly fell on her body.

There was a serenity in his eyes, or rather, a lack of emotions. He looked at her like she had melted into the background. There were no clear emotions in his eyes, but for some reason, Song Qingchun felt there were plenty things that were left unsaid.

Su Zhinian stared at her for a very long time without saying a word. Song Qingchun was becoming increasingly nervous, and her palms were all sweaty.

Just as Song Qingchun had given up all hope of being granted a day-off, words finally tumbled out of Su Zhinian's lips. "I cannot give you a full night-off, but tell me how long you will need to be away and I'll see what I can do."

Is he going to allow me to be leave?

A ray of hope lit up Song Qingchun's eyes. Her curved lashes blinked several times as the cogs in her brain started to turn. The party would start at 8:30 pm, and it should be over at 11 pm, but she needed to leave before 8 pm

"Four" Before Song Qingchun could finish, she caught herself and reduced the time. "Three hours"

She paused and added hesitantly, "I think."

The glow in her eyes was like a sharp knife, piercing deep into Su Zhinian's heart.

She is that desperate to go to Qin Yinan's party? That is the only explanation for the sudden glow of hope in her eyes.

Su Zhinian subconsciously averted his head to avoid meeting Song Qingchun's eyes. He bit his lips surreptitiously to dull the pain in his heart.

His action weighed heavily on Song Qingchun; she was afraid he might renege on his words, so she quickly added, "Mr. Su, if three hours is a bit too much, then how about two and a half hours Even two hours is fine"

Song Qingchun noticed Su Zhinian's lack of reaction. She sighed under her breath, bit her teeth and compromised, "Then, how about one and a half hours? Mr. Su, that is the minimum, travelling itself will take at least one hour after all"

"Twelve midnight," Su Zhinian suddenly said to interrupt Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun stopped speaking and looked at Su Zhinian in confusion.

The hand that grabbed the remote tightened, and Su Zhinian explained in a flat tone, "You have to be home before twelve midnight!"

Twelve midnight? It is only 7:50 pm now; in other words, he is giving me a five-hour break?

Song Qingchun's face was first colored by disbelief before curtailing into apparent joy like she had won the lottery. She added happily, "Thank you, Mr. Su!"

Song Qingchun ignored Su Zhinian's lack of reaction and asked smilingly, "Mr. Su, then what do you wish to have for dinner tonight?"