Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 106

Chapter 106: An Impulsive Kiss 6
Chapter 106: An Impulsive Kiss (6)
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"Is it okay if I call for take-out? Do you wish to have western, Japanese, Chinese, or do you have some other cuisine in mind?"

Su Zhinian turned around to look at Song Qingchun, who had already pulled out her phone to check out the take-out menu. A brilliant smile was plastered on her face, and her eyes were practically sparkling with joy.

All of this excitement and bliss simply because she can meet Qin Yinan?

"Mr. Su, how about Chinese? Do you prefer Hunan Style, Sichuan Style, Hong Kong Style, or Beijing Style? I feel like Hong Kong Style is the best; we shouldn't eat too heavily at night"

Before Song Qingchun could finish, the remote in Su Zhinian's hand suddenly landed on the coffee table with a crisp sound.

Song Qingchun was scared into speechlessness. She raised her eyes from her phone to see Su Zhinian stand up from his seat and stride toward her.

Have I done something wrong? Why is his face so ugly so suddenly? Why is he angered all of a sudden?

These thoughts coursed through Song Qingchun's mind as she smiled in an attempt to placate Su Zhinian. There was pleading and ingratiation, as well as a hint of hidden anxiety, in her eyes.

Su Zhinian looked in her eyes before turning his gaze away. As if suppressing a great ball of anger, he glared frowningly at a lamp in the living room. In the end, he brushed past Song Qingchun and up the stairs without saying anything.

"Should I wear this dress or that dress?"

"Hmm This looks pretty as well"

"Never mind, the first dress is still nicer"

Su Zhinian sat in his study, listening to Song Qingchun mumbling to herself as she tried on the outfits in her bedroom. Unconsciously, he tore a page from the document he was reading and crumpled it into a ball in his hand.

He knew Song Qingchun would definitely carefully prepare herself to attend Qin Yinan's party, but he could not help himself from going to the balcony to take a gander at her when he heard Song Qingchun walk downstairs.

Under a white warm fleece coat, she was wearing a long purple dress, and she was balancing herself on a stiletto that was at least 10 centimeters tall.

Su Zhinian could only catch her profile as she skipped away from home, but he could clearly discern the joy that was written on her done-up face.

Su Zhinian gripped the balcony railing tightly to prevent himself from rushing downstairs to drag her home and stop her from attending Qin Yinan's party.

She had already called for a taxi before she left, and the car was already waiting at the bungalow gate. She ran the stretch of the way and jumped into the car without hesitation.

He stood at the balcony like a statue and allowed the car to disappear from his view. When the car was finally out of sight, an immense cloud of melancholy appeared on his face, and his heart gradually inched toward the dark abyss.

She had left so happily, like she could not wait to be away from him. She did not even give him a goodbye or a wave.

In reality, he really did not want to allow her to attend Qin Yinan's party. Her leaving meant his sadness, while her staying meant her sadness.

When given this choice, he would rather suffer the sadness than steal her happiness away from her.

After standing there in the cold for some time, Su Zhinian heard his phone, which he had left in his study, ring.

He pulled his gaze back from the streets and walked back inside. He picked up his phone, glanced at the caller ID, and answered it.