Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 107

Chapter 107: An Impulsive Kiss 7
Chapter 107: An Impulsive Kiss (7)
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Before Su Zhinian could get in a word, Tang Nuo's irritatingly passionate words came through the phone. "Su Zhinian, are you free or not tonight?"

Su Zhinian replied without thought, "Not free."

"Don't lie to me, I've just been to your company, and your secretary told me that you've returned home Tell me, other than your home and company, the rest of your time is spent in your car, isn't it? Listen to me, you cannot continue a life of celibacy like this anymore; the boredom will eventually ruin your brain"

Su Zhinian did not reply once during Tang Nuo's drivel about the benefits of partying and having a good time. He moved the phone away from his ear and was about to hang up.

"CEO Liang just came in from Hong Kong and is holding a party at City Clubhouse"

City Clubhouse Those two words made Su Zhinian's finger that was hovering over the end call button stop.

"Su Zhinian, I'm serious, you have been hiding from the world for almost one month already, right? CEO Liang has purposely asked me to invite you to the party, hasn't he been seeking a collaboration with you? Sounds like that desire has been increasing"

Su Zhinian put the phone back beside his ear and asked in a level tone, "What time?"

"8 pm" Tang Nuo was obviously excited. "Does this mean that you're coming? I'm not far away from your place; do you want me to pick you up?"

Su Zhinian mumbled a "hmm" before hanging up.

Tang Nuo was probably really close by because when Su Zhinian finished changing into another set of clothes, he heard the doorbell ring.

Su Zhinian walked downstairs and pulled the door open with one hand because his other was fixing the knot on his tie.

While Su Zhinian changed his shoes, Tang Nuo took the opportunity to peek into Su Zhinian's house. After a look around, his gaze was glued to the shoe rack.

After Su Zhinian put on his shoes, he told Tang Nuo, who was standing by the door, "Let's go."

However, it appeared like Tang Nuo had not heard him. Su Zhinian frowned slightly and followed the gaze of his friend, which was fixed on a pair of high heels that lay on the floor.

This must have been Song Qingchun's handiwork. She must have tested those shoes but forgot to put them back onto the rack. And now, Tang Nuo had seen them

"Are we going or not?" Su Zhinian asked. Noticing Tang Nuo's lack of reaction, he shoved his friend out the door as he slammed it behind them.

The sound of door slamming seemed to have brought Tang Nuo back to reality. The man gasped in such a wondrous manner that one might think he had discovered a new continent. "Su Zhinian, there's a woman staying at your place?"

Su Zhinian ignored him, pulled open the passenger door, and jumped into the car.

Tang Nuo followed quickly behind him and continued pressing, "There has to be a woman, right? Why else would there be a pair of high heels?"

Tang Nuo was your typical ladies' man, his girlfriend count had probably reached into the hundreds. "And those shoes are the style that young girls appreciate, so they don't belong to Auntie Sun Come on, cough it out, who is it?"

Tang Nuo started the engine, and as he pulled out of Su Zhinian's driveway, he was hit by a sudden burst of inspiration. He glanced at Su Zhinian through the rear-view mirror. "Is it Song Qingchun?"

Su Zhinian, who had been silent facing Tang Nuo's interrogation, suddenly grumbled warningly when he heard the name 'Song Qingchun', "Keep your eyes on the road and mind your own business."

So, it is Song Qingchun Of course, it had to be. Who else other than Song Qingchun could be tied to Su Zhinian?

Tang Nuo drove in silence for a while and suddenly he asked, "You and Song Qingchun Have you two made up?"