Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 108

Chapter 108: An Impulsive Kiss 8
Chapter 108: An Impulsive Kiss (8)
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Made up Tang Nuo's claim was flawed due to a false assumption.

Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun had not even had the chance to begin a relationship in the first place before everything imploded when he stumbled upon the deep dark secret. So how could they made up when a relationship had not been there to begin with?

Their relationship had always been one-sided, the main and only contributor being him.

Tang Nuo waited for a long time for an answer, but he did not get one. Finally, he could not help but sneak a look at Su Zhinian, and he realized the man had turned his head to look out the window; the pain at the bottom of his eyes was as unresolvable as the dark night.

City Clubhouse had been remodeled a few years ago when the owner purchased the land around it. The original singular building was knocked down to convert the sprawling area into a host of individual villas.

Qin Yinan's party was held at Villa Number 8, and even though it was only 8:30 pm when Song Qingchun arrived, the party was already in full swing.

Song Qingchun had grown up together with Qin Yinan, and Qin Yinan was Song Cheng's best buddy, so the people Qin Yinan invited naturally knew Song Qingchun. They all came to greet her when they saw her come in.

Song Qingchun shrugged off her fleece coat and deposited it at the storage locker. She then retreated to the corner of the room and scanned the crowd.

Due to his three years in the army, Qin Yinan's stance was straighter and more upright than normal people, so Song Qingchun managed to spot him easily from the crowd.

He was wearing a black suit. With a champagne flute in his hand, he was smiling and chatting with people. He looked absorbed in the conversation and would nod occasionally in acknowledgement.

Showered by the lights of the chandelier, Qin Yinan looked especially gentle, gracious, and classy.

Song Qingchun, who had promised herself to give up on Qin Yinan, still found herself lost as she observed the man. After a while, she lowered her gaze, sorted out her emotions, and picked up a glass of wine from the server working the room before she walked toward Qin Yinan.

Song Qingchun called his name softly when he was about two meters away from him. "Brother Yinan."

Qin Yinan smiled brightly when he turned and spotted her. He then turned back to whisper an apology to the person he was conversing with. He clicked his champagne flute with the other people before nodding with a smile and moved away to greet Song Qingchun.

Qin Yinan's glass tipped his glass to Song Qingchun and downed the champagne before calling her by name. "Song Song."

Song Qingchun smiled brilliantly and raised her glass at him as well. She was about to take a sip when Qin Yinan put his palm on her arm and told her, like how he used to do, in an imperative tone, "You are not to drink tonight."

Then, Qin Yinan swiped the glass from Song Qingchun's hand, and he waved over the server. He placed the glass of wine on the server's tray and exchanged it for a glass of fruit juice, which he then placed into Song Qingchun's hand. "This, you can drink."

When Qin Yinan pulled the glass away from Song Qingchun's hand, his finger brushed up against her fingertips and Song Qingchun felt a shot of electricity surge through her body. It wasn't until Qin Yinan placed the fruit juice in her hand that she recovered. She complained, "Brother Yinan, I'm no longer a kid; I can legally drink now."

"Even so, alcohol is too cold; it's not good for your stomach." Qin Yinan spoke in a gentle tone, but his face was scrunched up into a frown like an adult lecturing a child.

Song Qingchun pouted and rather unwillingly took a sip of the fruit juice.

A smile then returned to Qin Yinan's face. "Now, that's a good girl."