Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 11

Chapter 11: His Three Secrets 1
Chapter 11: His Three Secrets (1)
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"You dare appear in my sight again so many times, even though I have explicitly warned you against it!"

Song Qingchun's shoulders jumped slightly; she lowered her eyes, stood there, and while ignoring the man's verbal barrage, opened her lips to ask, "CEO Su, can we talk?"

"Talk?" Su Zhinian's eyes that zeroed in on Song Qingchun narrowed, and like he had heard the world's greatest joke, he laughed sarcastically. The words that came out of his mouth next were equally laced with derision. "Do you think I was joking with you? I can barely stand your face, why do you think I would want to talk to you?"

The normally reticent Su Zhinian already had an imposing presence, and this Su Zhinian who did not hold back was as scary as an Asura from hell.

On the surface, Song Qingchun might look calm facing him, but internally, her heart was already shaken, and a sheen of cold sweat made her fists clammy. Regardless, she tried her best to maintain a level tone as she replied, "I just need a small window of your time, please hear me out."

Su Zhinian glared at her silently, his eyes not even blinking. His gaze was sharp like it was directly piercing at Song Qingchun's heart. The atmosphere in the room peaked. This quiet moment was a greater pressure on Song Qingchun compared to when he was openly berating her earlier.

Actually, Su Zhinian only spent one minute staring silently at Song Qingchun, but for Song Qingchun, this one minute was as long as a century.

Just as Song Qingchun was about to collapse from the pressure, Su Zhinian suddenly moved his body and leaned back against the sofa. With his piercing gaze still on Song Qingchun, he parted his lips and said, "What did you say when you accosted me at my company's entrance before?"

His tone was still laced with anger.

He then raised his finger to tap at his head, making a show of thinking before saying, "You want me to give you five minutes, right?"

The subject change was so fast that it unsettled Song Qingchun. She blurted out at Su Zhinian, "Hmm, what five minutes?"

Su Zhinian ignored Song Qingchun's verbal blunder and continued at his own pace. "Or did I remember it wrongly? Was it not five minutes? Then it must be four minutes? Or was it three or two minutes?"

At this point, Song Qingchun finally realized what he was talking about. This means that he is willing to hear me out?

"It was five minutes." A flicker of hope lit up in the bottom of Song Qingchun's eyes, she said quickly to interrupt Su Zhinian, "I asked for five minutes of your time before."

"Fine, then I will give you five minutes." Su Zhinian laid his arm on the armrest and used his palm to support his head as he leaned sideways, forming a picture of leisure.

Perhaps it was the contrast from the earlier difficulties, Su Zhinian's sudden agreement to hear her out caused Song Qingchun's mind to go blank. The speech that she had prepared earlier went out of her mind, and she stood before Su Zhinian, her mouth agape but no words came out of it.

Su Zhinian did not rush her but sat there waiting for her. His fingers tapped rhythmically on the leather surface of the sofa, creating a tempo of his own. After some time, he said, "You have four minutes left."