Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 110

Chapter 110: An Impulsive Kiss 10
Chapter 110: An Impulsive Kiss (10)
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If it was just that, Song Qingchun would not hate Tang Nuan that much, but Tang Nuan did not really need or even want those presents. She simply asked for them because she refused to be overshadowed by Song Qingchun. She would re-gift the dress and heels that Qin Yinan had bought for her without batting an eye.

This was not an isolated incident for Tang Nuan There was one time when Qin Yinan had bought Song Qingchun a bottle of mineral water, and she had demanded one too. The bottle, like those dresses and heels, was abandoned when Qin Yinan was not looking. However, unlike those dresses and heels, the bottle of water was left inside a dustbin.

Therefore, according to Song Qingchun's experience, she believed the presents that Tang Nuan demanded that day would also one day end up being abandoned somehow.

Song Qingchun looked at Qin Yinan, who smiled lovingly and dotingly at Tang Nuan, and a ball of irritation rose up within her. Just as Tang Nuan was going to demand more stuff, Song Qingchun chimed in to say, "Brother Yinan, I am going to say hi to Brother Zhang."

Brother Zhang had been one of Song Cheng's best friends, other than Qin Yinan, when he was still alive.

"Okay." Qin Yinan nodded with a smile. As Song Qingchun turned to walk away, Qin Yinan yelled at her, "Song Song, remember to stay away from the alcohol."

"I know, I know." Song Qingchun turned back to show Qin Yinan a face of mock annoyance.

Qin Yinan smiled kindly and extended his hand to smooth down Song Qingchun's hair that had gotten out of place and patted her the top of her head. "Okay, now go."

His tone and action reminded Song Qingchun of how he used to console her when she started to cry after Song Cheng had bullied her.

Before this, she loved how he talked and treated her in this manner because it made her feel exceptionally cherished.

Only now did she finally realize that this series of actions and tone was one used to appease an unruly child. There was love, yes, but definitely not romantic love.

The reality that she had been unable to see for so many years finally struck her head-on; Qin Yinan had only been treating her like a little sister.

Certain truths were better to realize sooner rather than later, but regardless, to be forced to admit a reality was not a comfortable feeling.

Song Qingchun tried her best to maintain the smile on her face as she waved farewell at Qin Yinan and turned to leave.

Song Qingchun only took two steps before she heard Tang Nuan's voice again. "Yinan, I'm hungry, let's go get something to eat.

"Do they serve rice noodles?

"No? Can you ask the chef to make some for me?"

Perhaps it was because Song Qingchun was there, Tang Nuan acted exceptionally spoiled before Qin Yinan that night. She either complained about the spiciness of the chili, the sweetness of the cake, or the bitterness of the coffee. In any case, she would demand that Qin Yinan fix all these things for her.

Actually, it was not Song Qingchun's intention to focus on their interactions, but Tang Nuan had to drag her to the show, so what could she do about it?

Song Qingchun looked at how Qin Yinan slaved away at his own party to help set up a whole table of delicacies for Tang Nuan, which she barely took a bite of, and an indescribable feeling of dejection filled her heart.

Even though she said she no longer loved Qin Yinan Even though she had sworn to see Qin Yinan only as her older brother She could not stand watching Tang Nuan so openly waste Qin Yinan's affection on her.

Frustrated, Song Qingchun finally went to the locker to retrieve her coat and walked out of the villa to take a breather.