Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Dont Like Him Anymore 2
Chapter 112: Don't Like Him Anymore (2)
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Then a silence followed. Song Qingchun was probably trying on Qin Yinan's present. Finally, Su Zhinian heard Qin Yinan say, "Come, I'll help you."

Then Su Zhinian could hear clearly the sound of Qin Yinan's shuffling footsteps and the catch in Song Qingchun's breath when Qin Yinan got close to her.

Su Zhinian froze.

"CEO Su, your glass is full" Someone close to him had noticed the wine was already overflowing out of Su Zhinian's glass.

The comment seemed to fly over Su Zhinian's head, and his hand that was holding the bottle continued to pour.

"Mr. Su?"

"CEO Su?"

"Su Zhinian" Tang Nuo, who was sitting beside Su Zhinian, reached out to take the wine bottle and grabbed a handful of napkins to pass to Su Zhinian. "What are you doing? What's on your mind?"

"It's nothing," Su Zhinian replied vaguely as he came to; he did not explain himself.

He accepted the napkins from Tang Nuo to wipe the wine on the table. Then, Song Qingchun's giggling voice drifted into his ears. "Thank you, Brother Yinan."

She should be extremely happy, because he noticed the sprightliness and joy that was absent when she normally conversed with him. In that same tone, she asked Qin Yinan, "How does it look?"

Even though he was not there in person, in his mind, he could imagine her watery eyes that were looking at Qin Yinan must be overflowing with affection and adoration then.

Su Zhinian's eyes hardened. With a shiver of his hand that was wiping down the table, his elbow accidentally knocked over a glass of wine, and the clear sparkling white wine splashed all over his sleeves.

Tang Nuo immediately stood up to help clean up the mess. Even the girl nearest to Su Zhinian, who was one of CEO Sun's guests, took out her handkerchief to help dab at the wine on his sleeves.

Before the girl's fingertip even touched his sleeve, Su Zhinian sprung up from his seat and jumped two steps back as if she was the dirtiest thing in the world. With a tone dripping with derision, he ordered, "Don't touch me!"

The girl was deeply rattled by Su Zhinian's reaction. Her face was deathly pale, and there were tears in her eyes.

Tang Nuo immediately apologized to the girl and turned around to level Su Zhinian a fiery gaze. In urgent whisper, he hissed, "I know you don't like female contact, but couldn't you have handled this better?"

Su Zhinian did not reply. With derision still apparent on his face, he lowered his eyes to wipe at the alcohol on his clothes. He faced the whole room and said "Sorry" before leaving for the balcony.

Tang Nuo laughed awkwardly at the roomful of people and added, "Everything's fine, he's just not feeling so good tonight."

He then rejoined the other guests to drink and listen to music.

Su Zhinian was only wearing a shirt, so as the wintry breeze blew, a cold sensation permeated his entire body.

He stared at the weak golden porch light in the compound and tuned into Song Qingchun's situation. He realized she only greeted a few other people at her party and had no further interaction with Qin Yinan.

His annoyance from earlier gradually dissipated.

The party from the room behind him was still going strong. However, the singing had stopped, and people were in the middle of conversations.

Tang Nuo probably felt he had been absent for long enough, so he ran to the balcony to call him back to join them.

Su Zhinian was normally a reticent person. The presence of random girls in the gathering bored Su Zhinian, causing him to be even more quiet than usual.