Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Dont Like Him Anymore 4
Chapter 114: Don't Like Him Anymore (4)
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"Tang Nuan, our new and old scores, it has been almost six years already, hasn't it? It has reached a point where, every time we meet, we are compelled to hate each other. You said you hate my guts, and honestly, I feel the same way about you. So, Tang Nuan, as I said earlier, you are overthinking this. I am not looking for a truce nor is this another fake kindness tactic of mine, as you call it.

"I am telling you all this because if you are toying with Brother Yinan simply because you hate me, then I wish for you to know, it will not work anymore"

"Song Qingchun, you have spouted so much nonsense simply because you still care about Qin Yinan? Looks like my methods are working then"

Tang Nuan suddenly interrupted, but before she could get any more out, Song Qingchun's cold voice broke in. "Tang Nuan, shut up and listen to me. Yes, I feel sorry for Brother Yinan being taken advantage of like this, but that is not why I am telling you all of this, that is because"

She had made this decision one week ago when she deleted those 99 emails. Even though Song Qingchun had made the decision in her mind; voicing it out in the open, she realized it still pained her. "From now on, I am giving up on Qin Yinan.

"If Brother Yinan was romantically interested in me, he would have made a move years ago and would not have left me hanging for so many years. During the years when you were not around, he still did not consider me an option.

"Therefore, I am done hitting my head against a wall. I have realized the truth, and it is time for me to move on" Song Qingchun wanted to cry, her nose was twitching, and her eyes were pricked with pain, but she forced herself to smile, a smile that was bright as day. She looked at Tang Nuan quietly for a while. "I arrived at this decision one week ago. From that moment on, in my heart, Qin Yinan has been nothing but a big brother to me, that's all.

"Therefore, whether you really love him or not, it has nothing to do with me anymore. But my final word of advice, I hope you realize what a good man you have found, do not disappoint those who treat you with sincerity in this world."

Song Qingchun then smiled at Tang Nuan, turned around, and left.

What did Song Qingchun say? She she doesn't like Qin Yinan anymore? No, that is impossible, does this mean that I have no ammo to make her life hell anymore? She's giving up, but what about me? What should I do now?

Song Qingchun had caused the person she loved the most It was so easy for her to bow out, but what about her? She could not; she was still trapped in that life of misery!

When the day was over, and the world was quiet, the image of that man as exquisite as a painting would appear in her mind. He was so cold and ruthless toward her but so passionate and kind toward Song Qingchun.

She would never forget that night she had narrowly escaped from the group of ruffians. When she saw him, it was like she had found hope. She cried, hoping to get him to console her, but he gave her a resounding slap on her face instead. Like a devil, he glared into her soul as he warned her that if anything happened to Song Qingchun, she, Tang Nuan, would accompany her to hell! Before he left, he even told her she was disgusting and warned her to stay away from him and Song Qingchun!

Then, he left her there, shaking in the wind. When she finally found strength in her legs, she moved to follow him to the bar She hid in the corner and watched how the boy who she had loved for years got into a fight for another woman!