Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Dont Like Him Anymore 5
Chapter 115: Don't Like Him Anymore (5)
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He was even sent to the police station for Song Qingchun

It was not that she did not beg him for forgiveness. She promised that she would do everything in her power to repay Song Qingchun. That night she had been so afraid that she ran off alone; she even stated that it was Song Qingchun who asked her to leave

At the time, Tang Nuan really did not hate Song Qingchun. She sincerely wanted to be her friend. She did not expect Song Qingchun to be so heroic, and if she had been unable to find Su Zhinian, she would definitely have reported it to the police

However, before she could even do anything, the incident was over.

He was cruel; facing her profuse apology, he remained unmoved. She stood in the rain for the whole night begging for his forgiveness, but he Since he had said he did not want to see her anymore, he really treated her like air. When he went out in the rain for Song Qingchun to buy some supper, he saw the pale-faced Tang Nuan waiting for him in the rain, but he just ran past her like he did not see her.

At the very least, they were acquaintances; when he returned and saw her collapsed on the floor, he did not call for an ambulance. In the end, it was a passing stranger who ferried her to the hospital

At the time, she swore to make Song Qingchun suffer as much pain as she had suffered that night. However, with just one declaration, "I am giving up on Qin Yinan", Song Qingchun was breaking away from the past and its misery, but what about her? In spite of everything, she was still deeply in love with the man; she could not break away even if she wanted to

Song Qingchun only wants to be a sister to Qin Yinan? Not when I can still do something about it

A flash of viciousness flashed through Tang Nuan's eyes as her palms clenched into fists. As if her mind had been made, she yelled "Help" at the top of her lungs, took a deep breath, turned around, took two steps back, and fell into the icy lake.

Su Zhinian reclined in the sofa, forming a bubble around himself as if the conversations around him had nothing to do with him.

Actually, he had wanted to leave a long time ago, but he glanced at the clock, and it was not even 10 pm yet. There were still at least two hours until Song Qingchun would be home, so he resigned himself to staying there.

He was quite impressed by the ability of these people to continue the conversations endlessly. They either talked about their company's newest product or bragged about their latest investments. Eventually, the topic of conversation shifted to the one topic that had been there since the creation of humankind, man and woman.

It was not that all men in the world were Lotharios, but for those with enough money in their pockets, one would realize these men treated woman like branded purses, a type of luxury.

And luxuries, of course, needed great monetary investments.

Then, they started gossiping about who had bought his mistress a bungalow and who had sponsored a movie to pursue a film starlet

The topic that these people found wildly interesting could only be described using one simple word by Su Zhinian, boring. If anything, he found the sound of Song Qingchun's breathing a great deal more interesting.

Alas, when Su Zhinian finally located Song Qingchun's voice, he realized she had once again found herself in another heated altercation

"Shut up and listen to me. Yes, I feel sorry for Brother Yinan being taken advantage of like this, but that is not why I am telling you all of this, that is because"

Even though Su Zhinian did not catch the name from the snippet of conversation, he could guess she was arguing with Tang Nuan.