Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Dont Like Him Anymore 7
Chapter 117: Don't Like Him Anymore (7)
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Su Zhinian's answer caused the room to start gossiping again. Unfortunately, it did not seem like he was planning to say any more than he had already said. Facing everyone's excitement, he put down the wine glass, dropped a gentle, "Excuse me", and left the villa.

Su Zhinian wanted to wander around outside for a bit to catch some fresh air, so he did not take his coat. He stood under a single lamppost for a while, which attracted the attention of about eight passersby. Two of them were excessively-dressed women who pulled out their phones to snap his picture when they thought he wasn't looking. Then, they started chatting and sighing among themselves.

"He's so handsome!"

"Even more handsome than the idols we see on television!"

"Quickly, take his picture for a keepsake!"

Even though the two of them had lowered their voices to the bare minimum, Su Zhinian heard them clearly. He turned his body away as if looking for something on the other side to avoid the camera.

"Shucks, missed it!"

"Never mind, even a picture of his back is better than nothing"

Su Zhinian frowned wordlessly. He straightened himself and prepared to return to the villa. He had only taken two steps when he heard a shrill female voice yelling, "Help"


Song Qingchun had only wandered two meters away when she heard Tang Nuan call for help.

She laughed to herself and continued walking like what was happening had nothing to do with her. Before her first step could even touch the floor, she heard the sound of something heavy dropping into the water from behind her.

Song Qingchun subconsciously turned around and saw that Tang Nuan, who was supposed to be standing at the lakeside, had disappeared. Instead, in the middle of the lake, a black shadow was floating in and out of water, struggling to stay afloat.

Tang Nuan slipped and fell into the water?

Even though Song Qingchun really disliked Tang Nuan, it was not to a stage where she could stand there and watch her die. Therefore, Song Qingchun yelled at the top of her longs without hesitation, "Help, someone has fallen into the lake. I need help at the manmade lake; someone has fallen into it"

In her feverish mind, Song Qingchun's first thought was Qin Yinan. She pulled out her phone with shaking hands and quickly dialed his number.

Song Qingchun had a hard time forming a full sentence, but Qin Yinan could grasp the general idea. Through the phone, Song Qingchun could hear the sound of Qin Yinan dashing out of the party.

This was the middle of winter; even if the person was a champion swimmer, their dexterity would be seriously hampered by the icy cold water.

It had only been one or two minutes since Tang Nuan fell into the water, but Song Qingchun could see that her struggle had drastically weakened. Song Qingchun screamed harder and even prayed for Tang Nuan's safety.

City Clubhouse had a 24-hour patrol for security purposes. When one of them heard Song Qingchun's scream, he quickly ran over. When he saw the situation, he reported the location and situation back to the operator through his walkie-talkie, took off his coat and shoes, and jumped into the water.

The security guard quickly hauled Tang Nuan back to shore, and Song Qingchun rushed to help them up to dry ground.

When Song Qingchun used all her energy to pull Tang Nuan out of the freezing water, she fell from a lack of balance and landed on her butt. Tang Nuan followed the dragging force and landed on top of Song Qingchun, drenching Song Qingchun's clothes completely.

Song Qingchun inhaled deep gulps of airs. As she tried to calm herself down, she heard a series of footsteps coming from behind her. Before she could turn her head to look, Tang Nuan, who was lying on top of her, was pulled off, and Qin Yinan's nervous and worried voice asked, "Tang Nuan, are you okay?"