Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Dont Like Him Anymore 8
Chapter 118: Don't Like Him Anymore (8)
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Tang Nuan's face was completely drained of blood, and her carefully applied make-up had all been ruined. She had probably choked on the lake water because she could not stop coughing.

The first thing she did when she saw Qin Yinan was crawl into his embrace and cry.

"Are you hurt? How are you feeling?" Qin Yinan frowned deeply as he watched Tang Nuan cry in his arms. He used his fingers to gently wipe away her tears and asked in an increasingly desperate voice, "I'm calling the ambulance; we'll go to the hospital for a checkup"

Tang Nuan did not answer but shook her head at Qin Yinan as her tears fell continuously.

When Tang Nuan was collapsed on top of Song Qingchun, she did not feel that cold. However, after Qin Yinan took Tang Nuan into his hug, the chilling winter winds caused Song Qingchun to continuously shiver. It was then that she realized she was still lying on the ground like an idiot.

When Qin Yinan arrived, both she and Tang Nuan were collapsed on the floor, but in Qin Yinan's eyes, there was only Tang Nuan.

He had been fussing over Tang Nuan for so long, and yet he had not even acknowledged her existence.

Song Qingchun averted her prickly eyes away from Qin Yinan and Tang Nuan. With a grit of her teeth, she pulled herself up.

"It's okay now, stop crying" The moment Song Qingchun stood upright, she heard Qin Yinan open his lips to say, "Can you walk? I'll carry you"

There was an overload of concern in his voice.

Then, Qin Yinan tried to pull Tang Nuan up into his arms.

"I'm fine" Tang Nuan finally replied. Her tone sounded like she was gravely betrayed. She only managed to get out two words before she started coughing again.

Qin Yinan quickly patted her back lightly to help clear her throat.

A breeze blew and both Tang Nuan and Song Qingchun, who were soaked, shivered from the chill. Qin Yinan immediately removed his jacket to cover Tang Nuan.

Song Qingchun stood there alone in the wind, hugging her own arms. She stared at the scene before her and silently averted her gaze.

"Let's go indoors first, okay? It is so cold out here."

"You have fallen into the water, and your clothes are all wet, so you have to be careful to not catch a cold."

"Alright, alright, everything's okay now, there's no need to cry anymore"

Song Qingchun's fists tightened as Qin Yinan's words of consolation for Tang Nuan drifted into her ears. She stared at the lake that shimmered in the night, and she felt exceptionally despondent.

When Qin Yinan promised her he would treat her extra well to make up for Song Cheng's absence, she was deeply touched. In fact, at the time, in her heart, Qin Yinan became the only person she could still rely on in this world.

She thought even after she had given up on pursuing a romance with Qin Yinan, she could still hold him to his promise.

But now, she realized how nave she was.

The only person that would be there for her unconditionally was Song Cheng and Song Cheng was no longer there. Ultimately, she was alone in this world. She could rely on no one but herself.

Song Qingchun hugged herself closer as if she was trying to fold into herself. She lowered her gaze and started to walk back toward the villa.

Before the security guard jumped into the water to save Tang Nuan, he had contacted the manager of City Clubhouse. Naturally, since this could be a business-breaking crisis, the manager of the clubhouse rushed to the scene immediately.

Worried that he might have a lawsuit on his hands, the manager rushed over to check up on Tang Nuan.