Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Dont Like Him Anymore 9
Chapter 119: Don't Like Him Anymore (9)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

When he made sure everything was just a scare and nothing had gone wrong, the manager sighed in great relief, then he asked, "Miss, how did you fall into the lake?"

Following the manager's questioning, Qin Yinan also realized he had forgotten to ask that important question. He lowered his head slightly and asked Tang Nuan in his embrace, "He's right, why would you suddenly fall into the lake?"

"I" Tang Nuan had stopped crying then, even though the tear stains were still there on her face. She looked so fragile and vulnerable. She attempted one word, and stopped talking like she was worried about something, then after a while, she began again. "I"

The manager pressed, "Why are you repeating that one word? What happened, miss? You have to tell us. This is a big incident; I have to report to my boss about this, and I need all the details."

"I" Tang Nuan bit her lips and swallowed the rest of her sentence.

Qin Yinan seemed to notice Tang Nuan's hesitance, so he persuaded her gently, "It's alright, just say whatever you wish to say."

Tang Nuan nodded but did not open her lips for a long time. The Clubhouse Manager was obviously agitated, but Qin Yinan waited for her with absolute patience.

It was as if Tang Nuan was in a deep mental struggle. Finally, after a long time, she took a deep breath and said, "Actually, I did not fall into the lake accidentally"

"Not accidentally?" the manager practically screamed in shock. "What do you mean by that? You mean someone pushed you into the lake?"

Tang Nuan was silent and nodded her head lightly.

The Clubhouse Manager was starting to get anxious. "Miss, are you sure someone pushed you into the lake? This is not a joking matter; that is attempted murder. This establishment does not want that hanging over us. If you are not mistaken, then we will have to consider calling the cops"

Before the manager could finish, Qin Yinan asked with a deep frown, the gentleness in his voice had disappeared and in its place was a trace of severity, "Tang Nuan, who pushed you into the lake?"

Tang Nuan did not answer, but two seconds later, her gaze went to the spot where Song Qingchun was standing.

Song Qingchun, who had been leaving, felt a sinking feeling in her stomach when she heard those words from the Clubhouse Manager. Then she felt Tang Nuan's gaze on her back. She stopped and turned around to meet Qin Yinan's eyes that were following Tang Nuan's gaze.

When Qin Yinan saw Song Qingchun, he shook his head without hesitation, as if he had heard the most impossible thing in the world. He refuted it immediately. "How could it be Song Song? Tang Nuan, when you fell into the water, it was Song Song who called me for help. She was on the verge of tears; she was not even capable of forming a complete sentence!"

Then Qin Yinan whipped his head around to address the Clubhouse Manager and added with confidence, "It is definitely not Song Song; it cannot be Song Song. I've watched Song Song grow up before my eyes. I am the most familiar with the kind of person she is; it would not have been her!"

Qin Yinan then looked around and said, "This area is so dim, Tang Nuan, you must have been mistaken."