Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 12

Chapter 12: His Three Secrets 2
Chapter 12: His Three Secrets (2)
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Song Qingchun was made anxious by Su Zhinian's reminder. She tossed the speech she had prepared out of her mind and cut straight to the point. "CEO Su, I wish you will join Song Empire as its new CEO."

Su Zhinian's response was equally straightforward. "How much you are going to pay me to be your CEO?"

Song Qingchun bit on her lips and replied in a whispered tone, "Song Empire is unable to fork out much money at the moment"

"Meaning you want me to work for free?" Su Zhinian's fingers that tapped on the sofa stopped and the room was submerged into radio silence. Then he added, "Miss Song, the world-famous company offered me ten billion to get me to be their CEO and I rejected that offer; where does your confidence come from that you think you will be able to get me to come save a third-rate company that is on the brink of bankruptcy?"

Song Qingchun's face burned with shame due to his pointed question. "It is true that Song Empire is facing financial difficulties this year and does not have the buffet to employ someone of your caliber, but Song Empire is willing to give you its share and the annual earnings will have a set ratio that will go to you as bonus"

"Miss Song, do you honestly think I need or even want those shares and bonuses?" mocked Su Zhinian. Song Qingchun bit her lips and did not know how to continue. The room again returned to silence.

After a beat or two, Su Zhinian opened his mouth to say, "Three more minutes."

Perhaps because she was shot down immediately after one sentence earlier, Song Qingchun did not get straight back into it after Su Zhinian's reminder but continued after a period of silence. However, her confidence was obviously not as pronounced as before. "If you are willing to take over Song Empire, you can have as many shares and bonus as you want from Song Empire."

Su Zhinian did not comment this time and allowed her to speak.

"I know you have your own company and will be very busy"

"Two more minutes," Su Zhinian reminded her again.

Song Qingchun massaged her lips and continued, "And would not be able to spend too much time on Song Empire, but if you agree to be Song Empire's CEO, you will not even need to come to Song Empire to work. I can have the workers send the important information and documents to you. A 24-hour line of communication will also will be available for you to send and receive messages; it will greatly decrease your inconvenience"

Su Zhinian did not comment on the conditions Song Qingchun offered, but instead continued his countdown.

"One more minute."

"Song Empire will also give you a blank document, you can write any conditions you want on it, and Song Empire will fulfil it if it is within our capability" Song Qingchun then took out a document from her bag and placed it respectfully before Su Zhinian with both hands. "This document has already been stamped by the company seal; you can take a look at it"

"Time's up." Su Zhinian did not even acknowledge the document. The moment the five minutes were over, he stood up immediately and walked out the door.

Song Qingchun ran after him and again placed the document before Su Zhinian. "I sincerely hope you will give this some consideration."

Su Zhinian's gaze swept the document, but he did not extend his hand to accept it. He smoothed down his shirt, gave Song Qingchun a side-eye, and said emotionlessly, "I do not need to consider it because I will never take over Song Empire."