Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Dont Like Him Anymore 10
Chapter 120: Don't Like Him Anymore (10)
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Tang Nuan knew Qin Yinan was head over heels for her; he loved her so deeply that even if she requested the moon in the sky, he would figure out a way to get it for her.

Of the many men pursuing her, she was certain Qin Yinan was the one who loved her the most. He was wrapped around her finger and would not have any objection or suspicion to the words that she said.

Her bad temper and personality all became merits in his eyes; he would pamper her unconditionally. She was never usually one with a princess-like personality, but when she was with him, she could be as much of a princess as she wanted.

Therefore, when she made the decision to jump into the lake with the intention of framing Song Qingchun, she had been confident that Qin Yinan would turn against Song Qingchun for her sake.

But she did not expect Qin Yinan's actual response would be like this. This was probably the first time that he had objected to her words, and with such vehemence too.

This reaction of his startled Tang Nuan; in that moment, she even thought she was hallucinating.

She stared at Qin Yinan for at least one minute before the reality of the situation dawned on her; Qin Yinan really did not believe her.

Tang Nuan blinked and produced an innocent look. "But Yinan, there was only me and Song Qingchun here just now."

"Even if it was only you and Song Song here, that doe not prove that it was Song Song who harmed you." Qin Yinan shook his head and showed no trace of being persuaded by Tang Nuan. "Furthermore, murder needs a motive. There is no reason for Song Song to harm you."

"But, there is no reason for me to walk into water either, is there?" A mist had started to rise at the bottom of Tang Nuan's eyes like she was being so deeply wronged.

"That's right, unless someone wants to commit suicide, why would any sane person jump into the water of their volition? The weather is so cold on top of that, so it is definitely not a time to go for a leisurely swim" The Clubhouse Manager nodded and agreed with Tang Nuan. Before he could continue, Qin Yinan interrupted him, "Do you have any cameras in this area? Can you pull up the videos?"

"This lake was just finished, and we have not had the time to put up the cameras yet," the manager said as he looked around. His gaze fell on the security guard and asked, "It was you who got here first, right? When you arrived, was there anyone else here?"

The guard shook his head and pointed at Song Qingchun. "No, other than the miss that fell into the water, the only other person here was this miss standing by the lakeside."

"In other words, we have no video footage and no witnesses? This is an unsolved case then, one of them said she was pushed, the other said she did not Even though this might harm the clubhouse's reputation, I feel we'd better bring in the police. After all, if the miss is right and someone did push her, this is an attempted murder case already"

The City Clubhouse manager was obviously trying to wrap this incident up as soon as possible. As he made his hypothesis, he pulled out his phone to call the police.

The truth of the incident aside, Tang Nuan had fallen into the water was the obvious victim, and the only witness in the form of the security guard could attest that there was no one else but Song Qingchun and Tang Nuan at the scene. If the police really got involved, Song Qingchun would be in deep trouble He had promised to protect Song Qingchun, and it was time he fulfilled his promise.

Qin Yinan grabbed the phone from the manager's hand before he could finish dialing the number. "Don't call the police yet!"