Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 121

Chapter 121: His Aid 1
Chapter 121: His Aid (1)
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Then, he lowered his head to look at Tang Nuan. He stared into her eyes for almost a minute before asking, "Tang Nuan, no matter what, this is just a scare, and you are fine, so how about we settle this personally and not involve the authorities?"

"Settle this personally?" Tang Nuan laughed like she had heard the best joke in the world and retorted rather angrily, "Qin Yinan, just how much are you willing to protect Song Qingchun? Do you realize how dangerous it was just now? If the guard had come one minute later, I would have died! Died, do you understand"

The guests from Qin Yinan's party had all rushed over when they heard the news. One of them, who was a good friend with Tang Nuan and also worked at Station TW, immediately helped Tang Nuan plead her case. "Qin Yinan, we all know you grew up with Song Qingchun together, and you feel the responsibility to protect her, but you have to understand that what you're doing now is harboring a murderer!"

"Which one of your eyes saw that I was trying to murder her?" Song Qingchun had never been so furious before in her life. She clenched her fists, trying to calm herself, but it still could not stop her body from quaking with anger. Even her voice was out of her usual tone. "Tang Nuan fell into the lake herself, so what does that have to do with me? If I did not call for help and phone Brother Yinan, then Tang Nuan would truly be dead!"

"Song Qingchun, of course you won't admit you're the murderer. After all, which murderer would admit to their sin. Furthermore, everyone at the office knows you are deeply envious of Tang Nuan. Earlier, you even slapped her in front of the whole office!" the colleague from Station TW added snidely.

When Qin Yinan heard that, his brows creased slightly. He first looked at Song Qingchun before lowering his head to look at Tang Nuan. He had been incredibly furious when he saw the palm print on Tang Nuan's face earlier. When he asked Tang Nuan about it, she did not want to go into the details, but now he realized it had something to do with Song Qingchun?

"Why wouldn't Song Qingchun have killer motive? The contacts she has cultivated at Station TW over the past two years have all chosen to work with Tang Nuan already; she must hate Tang Nuan to her core!"

The female colleague from Station TW continued to expose the many convoluted grievances between Tang Nuan and Song Qingchun.

"If you don't believe me, you can go and ask anyone at my company. Song Qingchun has always been vying for the spot of the anchor-woman. Earlier at the company, she was indeed the fore-runner, but her spot has been taken over by Tang Nuan recently. Furthermore, there was rumor two days ago that stated the current anchor-woman might be leaving for Japan soon. The empty slot will be open for Tang Nuan to assume, so Song Qingchun definitely isn't satisfied with that!"

Qin Yinan obviously was not privy to the internal and external strife between Song Qingchun and Tang Nuan. Plain shock and disbelief was apparent on his face. After a short while, he turned to look at Song Qingchun, and he could pick up clearly the rage and grievances pooling at the bottom of her eyes.

He knew Song Qingchun would be gravely implicated if he allowed Tang Nuan to bring in the law enforcement, but after hearing the stories from this Station TW worker, he knew just how deep the implication would be on Song Qingchun if the law enforcement was really involved.