Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 122

Chapter 122: His Aid 2
Chapter 122: His Aid (2)
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He did believe Song Qingchun would slap Tang Nuan if her limits were seriously tested. After all, since she was young, she had been pampered unconditionally by him and Song Cheng, spare the rod and spoil the child as they say.

However, other than her slightly unreasonable attitude, she definitely had a kind heart. She knew the beggars on the streets were most likely cheaters, but she would still donate money to them every time. Therefore, he would not believe this kind of Song Qingchun would attempt to murder someone.

This kind of trust and bond had formed through years of friendship. It was a trust that could not be shaken no matter what. He really wanted to help Song Qingchun, but he realized no matter how hard his brain churned, he could not come up with a logical argument to help her case. Regardless, he could not allow Song Qingchun to get involved in a lawsuit

Qin Yinan swallowed a deep breath and slowly turned his head around to look at Tang Nuan. He studied her eyes for a while and said in a begging tone, "Tang Nuan, you are most familiar with how I have treated you over the years. I have never begged you for anything, but this time, I am begging you, can you put this behind us and not involve the police, please?

"Furthermore, if Song Song really wanted to harm you, why would she stay to call for help after you fell into the water?"

Tang Nuan's hands surreptitiously clenched into fists. She really did not expect that the trust Qin Yinan had for Song Qingchun would be so deep. She had jumped into the water and almost frozen herself to death, so how could she just let Song Qingchun off the hook so easily?

Tang Nuan lowered her head as if deep in thought. When no one was looking, she shared a look with the female colleague that had been helping her earlier. Then, the female colleague immediately chimed in, "It was by doing that, that she could fabricate an excuse for herself. If Tang Nuan really died as she planned, then there would be no witnesses. But if Tang Nuan didn't drown, then she could use this method to claim her innocence; this is what they call a robber acting like a cop!

"Standing here arguing is not going to get us anywhere; it is best to call the police! We will leave the investigation to them."

The female colleague then whipped out her phone to press "110".

Even though Song Qingchun was really innocent, when she heard the dial tone, her heart, which had calmed from Qin Yinan's vote of confidence and trust, started to palpitate with fear again.

She knew that if she was led away by the police, it would be a series of investigations and interrogations. She had seen plenty of scenarios like this on television. If she had the money, she might be able to get herself a good lawyer, but even so, she might still be wrongly judged and sent to jail for attempted murder

She really wanted to yell for them to not call the police, but she knew she had to remain quiet because she would just implicate herself if she opened her mouth.

Desperation appeared in Qin Yinan's eyes. Without thinking about it, he shoved Tang Nuan away and dashed at the female worker. However, no matter how fast he was, he couldn't be faster than her finger.

Just as she finished pressing the three numbers and was going to press the call button, her hand shuddered violently, and the phone slipped from her grasp and landed on the ground with a resounding slam.

Following that, a beautiful and level voice drifted from afar. "Who said there was no witness?"