Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 124

Chapter 124: His Aid 4
Chapter 124: His Aid (4)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Su Zhinian was wreathed in an icy presence. Facing the crowd's surprised and shocked gazes on him, he remained unfazed.

He did not join the crowd but stopped about one meter away from the rest. His gaze swept over Song Qingchun, and when he saw her drenched clothes, his gaze paused for a minute. He quickly averted his eyes, but the expression on his face had gotten colder.

As if afraid of forming a social bond with the people there, he pointed directly at Song Qingchun before anyone said anything and cut straight to the point, "It was not her who did it."

When the first ray of light hit Su Zhinian, Song Qingchun recognized him immediately. After that, her brain went into total shut down, and her whole body practically froze to the spot.

It wasn't until Su Zhinian pointed his finger at her that she finally came to her senses. She stared at Su Zhinian, standing not far away, and thought, Shouldn't he be back at home? Why is he here at City Clubhouse?

Everyone's gaze slowly moved away from Su Zhinian and landed on Tang Nuan.

It was not Song Qingchun who did it Then, he's saying Tang Nuan jumped into the lake herself?

Tang Nuan ignored the crowd because she was too captivated by Su Zhinian's presence. She stared unblinkingly at him.

No one knew how shaky her hands, which were hidden in her sleeves, were; no one knew how fast her heart was beating at that moment. She did not expect she would one day look at his perfect features again at such a close range.

Even though he had been exceptionally cruel to her, she still loved him. When he appeared, her soul was lost.

Qin Yinan noticed Tang Nuan's reticence and had a hard time telling whether this was proof that Su Zhinian was right. He frowned involuntarily and asked, "Tang Nuan, is what Su Zhinian said true?"

"Hmm?" Tang Nuan answered instinctually as she turned her head to look at Qin Yinan. Then she realized the crowd's gaze was collectively on her. She blinked rather blankly and instinctively wanted to ask, What's happening?

Before she could say so, the female colleague who had been helping her said, "Tang Nuan, someone claimed that it was not Song Qingchun who pushed you into the lake, is that true?"

Tang Nuan opened her lips to answer, but the words that had come to her mouth were swallowed before they could escape her lips.

The female colleague who saw Tang Nuan in this state knew she was still in shock. If this situation was allowed to continue, the focus would definitely shift to Tang Nuan trying to frame Song Qingchun. Therefore, the female worker continued, "Mr. Su, I read from the business magazine earlier that you have officially taken over the CEO position for Song Empire?"

The female worker noticed the lack of reaction in Su Zhinian's expression facing her interrogation, and her gaze once more fell on Song Qingchun. She pressed, "Song Empire belongs to Song Qingchun's family, so I bet you two must have a good relationship. Therefore, Mr. Su's testimony probably cannot be taken at face value, right?

"Furthermore, when I was in high school, I heard rumors that" The female worker only then realized her phone had fallen to the floor, as she bent down to pick it up, her lips continued to move. "Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun, the two of you have already done the deed"