Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 125

Chapter 125: His Aid 5
Chapter 125: His Aid (5)
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The silent Su Zhinian turned his turbulent gaze to the female worker when he heard that sentence. The yapping female worker suddenly stopped talking, as if someone had clamped her mouth shut with a clip.

Then his gaze moved to land on the phone that she had picked up. He had only looked at it for a second before moving his gaze away. Following that, the female worker's phone once again landed on the floor with a thud.

The series of words by her female colleague had cleared Tang Nuan's mind. She almost forgot Su Zhinian was there to be Song Qingchun's witness When she realized her friend had suddenly stopped talking, Tang Nuan took a deep breath and picked up where she had left off. "That was just a rumor saying Song Qingchun and Mr. Su had slept together. No one can confirm this, so we definitely shouldn't lend too much power to such a rumor."

On the surface, Tang Nuan's words sounded like they were helping Song Qingchun, but she was merely finishing the sentence her female colleague started in another manner.

Tang Nuan paused to let the implication sink in before continuing. "However, I remember Mr. Su and Song Qingchun were extremely close during high school, that much is true. Or else, Mr. Su wouldn't have agreed to take over the mess that is Song Empire, would he?"

Tang Nuan might have been light in her tone, but she knew to stress on the phrase 'extremely close' to have people believe the rumors that she had just brought up earlier.

Humans were natural busybodies. The atmosphere at the lake side turned curious, and the crowd's gaze flitted back and forth between Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian.

"Furthermore, if I remember correctly, when Mr. Su was in high school, didn't he stay at the Song family's home for almost a year" Tang Nuan then turned to Qin Yinan and added, "Yinan, you can confirm this for me, right?"

The female colleague had regained her senses and immediately came to support Tang Nuan. "Furthermore, Mr. Su has only said two sentences since he announced himself. Just two sentences to wash away Song Qingchun's suspicion? Isn't that a bit too hard to swallow?"

Even though Tang Nuan had only said a few sentences, she had covered all the bases. Su Zhinian had stayed at Song Qingchun's home once, they had probably spent a night together, and Su Zhinian had recently taken over the dying Song Empire Each of these details hinted at the less than innocent relationship Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun shared.

Combined with this latest accusation by the female colleague, it did call Su Zhinian's earlier testimony into question.

The crowd nodded, persuaded by the arguments and reasoning of the two women. Then they all turned to look at Su Zhinian.

His reaction was unusually calm; there was not one trace of emotion that flitted across his handsome face.

This kind of silent argument made even Song Qingchun doubt whether or not Su Zhinian could be her savior and witness.

Time seemed to cease by the lakeside, and the place was eerily quiet except for the occasional sound of laughter from across the pond.

After who knew how long, finally, someone opened their mouth to shatter the silence. "This is getting us nowhere; none of us are detectives, so let us just leave this to the law enforcement."

"That's right, let's just call the cops"