Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 126

Chapter 126: His Aid 6
Chapter 126: His Aid (6)
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Even though Song Qingchun was shocked that Su Zhinian would suddenly appear at the Clubhouse, she was praying that his arrival would help clear her name. However, she did not expect a few words from Tang Nuan would completely undermine Su Zhinian's testimony. Even the nightmare that she had been trying so hard to put behind her was dragged out as ammunition to attack her.

Her heart slowly slipped into despair when she saw Su Zhinian's lack of reaction and the crowd's collective decision to call the police. Just as she was reaching the darkest pit of despair, Su Zhinian, who had maintained his silence throughout Tang Nuan and her female colleague's show, suddenly opened his lips to say, "Perfect, then let's call the police."

Song Qingchun widened her eyes in shock at Su Zhinian.

As if sensing her gaze on him, Su Zhinian raised his brow to glance at Song Qingchun. His eyes were cold and distant. Then he continued in a toneless and chilling manner. "Well, aren't we calling the police? Why hasn't anyone made the move? In that case, let me help make the call"

Then, Su Zhinian took out his phone. He tapped three times on it and turned the screen around to face the crowd. The three digits '110' were glaring and eye-grabbing.

"However, before I press the call button, let me say this: there is video footage inside this phone of mine"

Su Zhinian paused suddenly. After half a minute later, he began again. "Why are you hiding here alone?"

Everyone was focused on the supposed video footage, so when he said these words that had nothing to with the video, the crowd was confusing. The sentence he said had absolutely no connection to what he had said earlier, confusing everyone present.

This time, Su Zhinian did not pause and continued in a serene tone. " Song Qingchun, don't you worry, I will never have a truce with you for as long as I have breath in me because I will never forget how"

Song Qingchun was still trying to come to terms with the bomb Su Zhinian had dropped. It was when she heard her name coming out of his mouth that she slowly returned to her normal self.

Song Qingchun initially thought Su Zhinian was talking to her, but as the sentence progressed, she thought otherwise.

She frowned slightly, and after a while, she turned to look at Tang Nuan as if she had suddenly come to an understanding Isn't this what she said to me earlier?

Her suspicion was quickly confirmed as Su Zhinian said, "In any case, as long as I, Tang Nuan, am still alive, we will always be enemies, Song Qingchun!"

It was when Tang Nuan heard her name being called out that she realized Su Zhinian was repeating everything she had said earlier, and he was repeating them exactly, not missing a single word!

Could it be that when I was arguing with Song Qingchun, he was already there?

He said his phone contains video footage, could that footage be a recording of me arguing with Song Qingchun by the lakeside?

Perhaps this was positive reinforcement at work, because just as this thought materialized in Tang Nuan's mind, Su Zhinian opened his lips to say, "Therefore, I am calling the police"

His brows arced, and he stressed with vehemence and sharpness, "Not to sue Song Qingchun for attempting on Miss Tang's life, but to sue Miss Tang for slandering Song Qingchun's name!"