Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 127

Chapter 127: His Aid 7
Chapter 127: His Aid (7)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Su Zhinian's declaration was like a land mine, blowing the minds of everyone present into smithereens.

Even Song Qingchun, who had been staring at Tang Nuan, only managed to move her head around to look at Su Zhinian after a long time. His perfect features were calm and emotionless like the surface of a frozen lake. There was a hint of iciness at the bottom of his eyes, but just beneath the surface seemed to be a deep store of wrath just waiting to explode from his body.

She dreaded this side of Su Zhinian, but for some reason, at that moment, she felt greatly comforted seeing this Su Zhinian.

It was comfort that was inexplicable, one that she had found within her simply because he was there.

After a long time, someone finally recovered enough to ask cautiously, "Mr. Su, the words that you've said just now, are those the words Tang Nuan told Song Qingchun?"

"In other words, you really are a witness? You mentioned you have a video on your phone, could that video be a recording of Tang Nuan falling into the water?"

It had to be said that even though Su Zhinian had only mentioned once about the video, the effect it had created was truly astounding.

Even though he did not explicitly mention what kind of video he had in his phone, from the way things were going, it gave everyone the impression that it was a recording of Tang Nuan falling into the water.

Therefore, someone else quickly added, "Mr. Su, do you mind giving everyone the chance to watch the video?"

Su Zhinian did not directly answer the person's request; instead, he asked, "Are any of you the police?"

Then, he acted like he did not mind dragging this out further by involving the law enforcement. He extended his finger toward the call button on his phone.

As his finger reached toward the button, Tang Nuan's heart started to contract rapidly. Even though he was able to repeat everything she had said word for word, it did not mean that he would have a video of it on his phone.

However, his finger that moved toward the phone screen did not halt or shake from hesitation or indecisiveness. He seemed completely in control of the situation.

Five years ago, she already knew he loved Song Qingchun. A man who would lose his sanity to almost kill other, would someone like him allow Song Qingchun to be put in danger?

If there was really a video in his phone, then the person slapped with a lawsuit would not be Song Qingchun but her

The more she thought about it, the more anxious Tang Nuan became. The second before Su Zhinian was about to touch the screen, she suddenly yelled out, "Wait!"

Su Zhinian acted as if he did not hear Tang Nuan, and his finger tapped lightly on the screen. The phone was put on speaker, and everyone could hear the dial tone.

Since Su Zhinian dared to make the call, then it meant that he most likely had the incriminating video Tang Nuan had lost her footing, and her whole body started shaking. The moment Su Zhinian's call was picked up, she finally lost her sense of control and yelled, "Hang up the call!"

Su Zhinian ignored her completely, lifted the phone up to his ears, and answered it with a soft "Hello".