Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 128

Chapter 128: His Aid 8
Chapter 128: His Aid (8)
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Su Zhinian's "Hello" had forced Tang Nuan to her bottom line. She was deathly afraid Su Zhinian would push her into the abyss of despair by telling the police everything, so she sprang up from Qin Yinan's embrace and dashed at Su Zhinian. She swiped the phone from his hand and pressed the end call button hurriedly and desperately.

Even though Tang Nuan had said no words, her actions had shown everyone present the undeniable truth.

So, it was not Song Qingchun who had pushed her into the water, but she herself who had jumped into the lake And she did that purposely, just so she could put the blame on Song Qingchun!

After Tang Nuan ended the call, her whole body relaxed from relief. However, before she could completely relax, her fingers started to search for the media album in Su Zhinian's phone hurriedly.

She had just remembered one important thing; she had to delete the video from his phone

Tang Nuan clicked open the album with a shaky finger. However, she realized that, other than a few pictures, the album was empty; there was no video in it. Tang Nuan looked at the phone for one full second before realizing what was wrong with this whole situation. Not only had she been able to grab the phone so easily away from Su Zhinian, he had even allowed her to look through his phone as she pleased

Instinctually, Tang Nuan turned her head around to look at Su Zhinian. The man looked down on her, and there was mocking at the bottom of his chilling eyes.

When Tang Nuan had been arguing with Song Qingchun at the lakeside, he was still inside the villa. Where would he get a video? He merely just so happened to overhear their conversations using his superpower. Furthermore, he had only managed to hear snippets. However, although they were not continuous, it was obviously enough to mess with Tang Nuan's confidence.

He stared for her for about a minute before lowering his head to lean into her ear. His breaths landed vaguely on her earlobes, and even though this was rather flirtatious on the surface, it chilled Tang Nuan to the core.

He purposely lowered his voice to a volume that was only audible to the two of them and whispered in a tone that was both calm and cruel, "Did you think I would let you off so easily if I really had the evidence?"

His sentence was like a sharp knife plunging into Tang Nuan's heart. It made her whole body turn cold, and her heart dropped into the darkest abyss.

Su Zhinian parted from Tang Nuan after he said that, as if he felt she was incredibly dirty. He refused to stay in her close proximity for even one second longer. As he leaned away, he pulled his phone from her claws forcefully and turned to walk away from the scene without a care for the crowd there.

It wasn't until Su Zhinian had disappeared from their view that the crowd started to come to and disperse.

Tang Nuan subconsciously turned to look at Qin Yinan.

Qin Yinan, who had said little since Su Zhinian's appearance, had a drawn face. His eyes that looked at her contained a chilliness that she had not seen before.

Tang Nuan opened her lips cautiously to say, "Yinan"

Before she could continue, Qin Yinan looked away and walked over to Song Qingchun. "Come on, Song Song, I'll take you home."

Song Qingchun stared at the direction Su Zhinian had disappeared in and did not answer.

"Song Song?" Qin Yinan repeated.

Song Qingchun slowly pulled her gaze back, then she absent-mindedly replied with a "hmm".