Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 13

Chapter 13: His Three Secrets 3
Chapter 13: His Three Secrets (3)
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"The only reason I gave you the five minutes was for you to give up."

Su Zhinian then walked past Song Qingchun who blocked his way, and after a few steps he turned around as if remembering something. He added, "Also, I am saying this one last time, do not appear in my sight again."

Adding this time, she only managed to converse with him four times. The first time he tossed her out of his home without giving her chance to explain herself, and the second and third time, another party was present. Finally, she nabbed her chance to be alone with him, so she could not give up that easily simply because he said no.

Song Qingchun took a secret deep breath, turned to chase after Su Zhinian, and grabbed at his sleeve. "Even if the conditions are not to your liking, can't you lend Song Empire a hand considering our history?"

"Song Qingchun, are you seriously pulling out the history card?" Su Zhinian's face immediately turned cold. His arms were gripped into fists and his dark, hardened eyes stared straight ahead. Then, he turned around to look Song Qingchun in her eyes and slowly interrogated, enunciating every word, "Do I need to remind you who the person who told me to get out of her house while pointing her finger right at my face was?

"Furthermore, I do not think there is any history worth bringing up between us! If you want to be that pedantic, then perhaps you can count that period where I once stayed at your home, but if I am not mistaken, I repaid the 278 days in cash according the price of a five-star hotel. So, Song Qingchun, do you still want to talk history with me?"

"I I" Song Qingchun mumbled incoherently after she was cornered by Su Zhinian's forceful and pointed tone. As she expected, he still hated her for what happened that year.

Back then, she really did not want to have any more interaction with him. She had burned all bridges and cut all ties. Alas, as fate would have it, she would one day need to beg him for his help.

Song Qingchun's fingers that pulled on Su Zhinian's sleeve started to shake; her mind was a mess. She stared at him blankly for a long time before blurting out, "Even if there is no history between you, couldn't you help me because of that one night"

Before Song Qingchun finished, Su Zhinian grabbed hold of her hair to pull her head upwards. He made sure she was looking right into his freezing eyes when he uttered, "That one night? Which night? That night I took your virginity?

"Who was it that said I did not need to pay any responsibility with a mask of derision and condescension? Why? Five years later, do you regret your decision? Now you want me to owe you for that night? But why do you think I will I admit to the things that happened so many years ago?"

Song Qingchun closed her eyes and averted her face, trying to shut him out.

Su Zhinian raised his other hand, pinched her on her chin, forcefully pulled her face back and opened her eyes. Forcing her darting eyes into focus, his icy words floated out slowly. "Song Qingchun, you might not know this, but on that night, even if you did not say that I do not need to be responsible, I would not have thought to be responsible towards you."