Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 133

Chapter 133: We Have All Been Forgotten 3
Chapter 133: We Have All Been Forgotten (3)
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When Su Zhinian heard that question, his eyes, which were staring at the document, deepened.

The first time he heard this song was when he was driving. Initially, he was attracted by the tune; it was later, when he paid closer attention to the lyrics and the song title, that he realized how much this song resonated with his soul.

We have all been forgotten, all have been forgotten for a long time

The grip Su Zhinian had over the document tightened, and the paper document creased from force.

He had indeed been forgotten by her He had spent ten years looking for her, but when they had finally reunited, there was only distance and alert in her eyes. She had even said, "I'm sorry, senior, you might be mistaken; my name is not Tingting."

Her words were like a sound slap on his face, shattering his heart that was full of joy and excitement.

Those stories he had never forgotten became dreams that he buried deep inside his heart, perfect and untainted.

Song Qingchun had long since gotten used to Su Zhinian ignoring her. There was no disappointment on her face. She stood there quietly for a while. Perhaps it was boredom, perhaps she felt she had overstayed her welcome, or perhaps it was simply because she was feeling sleepy, Song Qingchun felt the urge to leave.

Just as she prepared to say, "If there's nothing else, I'm going back to my room," she stopped herself mid-sentence, as if remembering something, and instead said softly, "Thank you."

Su Zhinian pulled himself back from his memory. He looked at Song Qingchun curiously like he was wondering what she was thanking him for.

Song Qingchun saw the question in his gaze and immediately explained, "Thank you for your help today at City Clubhouse."

Su Zhinian paused for a few seconds before he understood what she was referring to. He nodded in acknowledgement before lowering his eyes to study the document. After he read three or four lines of the document, he added in a nonchalant tone, "There's no need for thanks, consider it me repaying your favor."

"Huh?" Song Qingchun stopped moving; she looked at him in befuddlement. She could not remember doing him any favors, so what was he repaying her for?

As if sensing the girl's confusion, Su Zhinian raised his eyes to look at Song Qingchun. Using the same nonchalant tone, he explained, "The eggs and medicine."

Su Zhinian was so succinct in his explanation that Song Qingchun had a hard time catching up. She stood there blankly for a moment or two before realizing he was talking about the two eggs she boiled for him and the bruise medicine she had bought when he was injured earlier.

"That, you don't need to thank me for that I didn't really do anything" Song Qingchun was surprised that Su Zhinian would remember such unimportant details. It made her rather flustered. Regardless, she straightened herself, faced Su Zhinian, and responded seriously, "No matter what, I still wish to thank you."

Her words were sincere, and her expression was serious. Her pair of eyes glistened with an earnest glow.

Su Zhinian stared into her eyes and lost himself in them.

After Song Qingchun said her thanks, she glanced at the clock and realized with a start that it was already 1:30 am. Out of concern, she asked, "Mr. Su, it's already so late, aren't you going to rest yet?"

Su Zhinian hurriedly averted his eyes that were staring at her. To hide his earlier weakness of character, he took up the cup of coffee on the table and sipped at it. After that, he said, "There are still some things that need to be done."