Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 136

Chapter 136: We Have All Been Forgotten 6
Chapter 136: We Have All Been Forgotten (6)
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Su Zhinian frowned. As he was going to kick the chair behind him to stand up, he heard Song Qingchun's footsteps coming from her bedroom toward the study. He immediately pulled back his leg and lowered his head to continue reading the document. Not long after, he heard the knock on his door and her soft, gentle voice asking, "Mr. Su?"

It was completely different from the tone she had just used to mock him Su Zhinian tried his best to stop the smile that was threatening to appear on his face. He coughed lightly and said nonchalantly, "Come in."

The door was pushed open a sliver. Song Qingchun did not come in but only poked her head through. Her glossy and dark eyes looked at Su Zhinian. "Mr. Su, I forgot to ask, what do you wish to have for the meal?"

Her panic just now was only about this? Su Zhinian shifted his gaze away from the document to look at Song Qingchun. After a while, he said, "You decide."

"Then, do you have anything you're allergic to? Or food that you don't like?"

"I'm fine with anything."

"Okay then, Big" Song Qingchun, who was waving goodbye at Su Zhinian, froze. This was bad; the name 'Big-headed Su' had almost tumbled out of her mouth. He was looking strangely at her; it was obviously that he had heard her slip of the tongue

Song Qingchun's dark eyes blinked twice, and her eyes were bent into shapes of a crescent moon. She swallowed the words, 'Headed Su' and forcefully changed it into "Handsome Brother!"

She slammed the door shut and escaped from the scene to not give Su Zhinian any chance to react.

It wasn't until the door to her bedroom was closed that Su Zhinian heard Song Qingchun patting her chest saying, "Thankfully, this brain of mine is still working. If he had found out I have given him so many nicknames"

Song Qingchun shivered just thinking about the consequences.

Su Zhinian then heard the sound of Song Qingchun landed on her bed. She seemed to be on her phone because he could occasionally hear the sound of clicks.

One minute later, she spoke again, "Shall we go here? The food here is not bad, but the dcor is a bit pedestrian. After all, he is the famed Sanitary Su, so he will definitely reject it based on cleanliness alone So be it, I will go there with my assistant one of these days instead! His loss, not mine!

"How about this place then The place is luxurious and clean Hmm, but this is a private center; you need a membership to enter, and I didn't think I extended mine How about Beijing Hotel? Then again, I've just been there Xu Xian Lou? But he doesn't like Hang Zhou Cuisine! The man is so troublesome, why wouldn't he just tell me what he likes! Why must I do this for him"

Su Zhinian was unable to focus, distracted by Song Qingchun's ramblings. He put the document away and pulled out the diary that he had covered with all the documents. He flipped it open and started writing a new entry as Song Qingchun's ramblings drifted into his ears.

December 21st 2015. 2 am, Stars but no moon.

To show her appreciation, Tingting surprisingly asked me out for dinner. I was very happy and wanted to agree on the spot. However, when I realized it would be Christmas in a few days, I asked her for a rain-check, causing Tingting to give me another nickname: Big-headed Su.

Actually, it was not my intention to be big-headed. I merely wished to spend a Christmas with her, who I spent ten years searching for and seven loving.

In all the years I have known her, we have never celebrated Christmas together before.