Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 137

Chapter 137: We Have All Been Forgotten 7
Chapter 137: We Have All Been Forgotten (7)
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Su Zhinian put his pen down, leaned back in his chair, and raised his hand to massage his eyes that had gotten a bit weary.

The diary that was open on the table revealed a page that was filled with words.

December 20th 2015 (Actually it's already 1 am of the 21st). Stars but no moon.

Today was one of the rare occasion where I returned home early. I was overjoyed to receive Tingting's call on the way home. However, the bad news came when I reached home. I really did not want to let her go meet Qin Yinan, but afraid that it might make her sad, I chose to let her go.

It just so happened that Tang Nuo invited me to join him at City Clubhouse. I agreed even though I knew she was going to be there.

Originally regretted being there, but was ultimately thankful for having made that choice because I heard her say, From now on, I am giving up on Qin Yinan.

I even smiled in the roomful of people. However, after the initial wave of happiness waned, I realized how selfish I was.

I discovered the secret five years ago and knew it prevents me from ever loving her and becoming a couple with her, but I still selfishly wished that she would not fall in love with somebody else.

Yes, I am indeed despicably selfish.

Oftentimes, I really hate the superpowers I was born with because it strips me of the ability of self-deception. Everywhere I see there are only the naked truths.

However, tonight, I am thankfully for my superpowers because something horrible happened to Tingting. Thankfully, it ended on a happy note.

The only regret I have was I was unable to give my jacket to cover Tingting's body when I saw her standing there alone by the lakeside in her soaked clothes.

Song Qingchun's mutterings then drifted from next door again.

"I really want to go to Golden Corner Haven't been there for a long time, when Song Cheng was still around, he would have lunch with me there. Alas, Golden Corner is too expensive. One meal there will overload my credit But, I really do miss the food there"

Su Zhinian's fingers that were massaging his eyes stopped.

She wants to go to Golden Corner? Then we will go to Golden Corner

Su Zhinian reached for the phone on the table and called Cheng Qingchong.

From the sound of her voice, Cheng Qingchong was probably woken up from her sleep. "CEO Su, how can I help you?"

"How does my schedule look next Monday?"

"CEO Su, wait a minute." After Cheng Qingchong said that, Su Zhinian could hear the sound of her computer being switched on. About one minute later, Cheng Qingchong said, "You'll be in Hong Kong next Monday."

Hong Kong? Su Zhinian frowned. "What about Tuesday?"

"Also in Hong Kong" After Cheng Qingchong answered, she added confusedly, "CEO Su, have you forgotten? You have a business meeting in Hong Kong next Monday and Tuesday; our plane tickets have been booked. We are flying tomorrow night."

Su Zhinian mumbled something incoherent in response. Then, he realized there was indeed such a thing in his schedule. After a short delay, he added, "Change the flight date to tonight, we'll be leaving for Hong Kong tonight and change the return ticket to Tuesday morning, I have something important to attend to Tuesday night."

"Noted, CEO Su."

Song Qingchun, who slept late the night before, suffered from a headache and thus had a hard time concentrating during work.

When she went to the breakroom for coffee, Song Qingchun only realized through her colleagues that Tang Nuan did not go to work that day, applying for sick leave.

Perhaps she was indeed sick from the jump into the lake or she simply could not face Song Qingchun Regardless, Song Qingchun took a sip of her coffee and walked away as if it had nothing to do with her.