Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 139

Chapter 139: We Have All Been Forgotten 9
Chapter 139: We Have All Been Forgotten (9)
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For Su Zhinian, Cheng Qingchong was the perfect secretary. She would always put work first no matter what. Now that he thought about it, this was the first time she had even made a request like this. It surprised Su Zhinian. After a short while to get over the initial shock, he nodded in approval.

Cheng Qingchong smiled brightly and pointed at a spot to the driver and said, "Please stop there."

Then Cheng Qingchong turned around and told Su Zhinian with a smile on her face, "Tomorrow is Christmas; the malls here in Hong Kong are having some crazy sales. I thought I'd buy some things for my friends as Christmas presents. I will return to the hotel as soon as possible."

Su Zhinian nodded cavalierly, acknowledging Cheng Qingchong's words. Then, he turned to look at the malls on both sides of the street. It was as Cheng Qingchong said; there were sale signs everywhere.

The time was still early, but the windows in the malls were already lit up with fairy lights. Throngs of couple crowded the street, and most of them carried various kind of exquisitely-wrapped gifts in their hands.

Are those Christmas presents? I do have a dinner date with her tomorrow night

After the car stopped, Cheng Qingchong packed her bag and prepared to leave. Before she did though, she turned back to bid Su Zhinian farewell. "CEO Su, I will see you back at the hotel."

When Cheng Qingchong reached for the car door handle, Su Zhinian, who had been staring outside the window, suddenly said, "Wait."

Cheng Qingchong assumed Su Zhinian had some orders for her, so she quickly turned around. "CEO Su, do you need anything?"

After a while, Su Zhinian pulled his gaze back from the streets. When he opened his lips next, he was talking to the driver in front of him. "Turn into one of the mall's underground parking lots."

"Yes, Mr. Su." The driver moved to oblige.

Then, Su Zhinian turned to look at Cheng Qingchong, who was obviously shocked. "Since all the work has been done and there's nothing to do at the hotel, why not a little window shopping?"

Cheng Qingchong had served Su Zhinian for many years, so when he said so, she understood the inherent meaning immediately. He is probably going to go Christmas shopping for 'The person who is living in my memory' that is currently residing at his house.

However, Cheng Qingchong also knew that Su Zhinian detested people intruding on his privacy. Even though she was privy to many things as his secretary, she would deliberately forget many things. It was the main reason she had been able to remain as Su Zhinian's secretary for so many years.

Su Zhinian had little to no contact with woman, so he was completely clueless to the idea of shopping for a female friend. Therefore, when he saw Cheng Qingchong rummage among a row of make-up bottles, he asked in passing, "Women like this kind of stuff?"

"Every woman wishes for lasting youth after all!" Cheng Qingchong knew why Su Zhinian asked that question, so after she answered him, she added, "However, there are many different types of make-up brands. Everyone has their own unique skin condition, and that means that every woman has her own go-to make-up brand. This cannot be understated because a wrong make-up choice might even cause reaction."

In an artful way, Cheng Qingchong answered Su Zhinian's vague yet probing question.

While not touching on his privacy, she managed to reveal to him that, before knowing the recipient's personal make-up choices, it was better to stay away from choosing make-up as a potential gift.