Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 14

Chapter 14: His Three Secrets 4
Chapter 14: His Three Secrets (4)
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Song Qingchun's lips were stretched to a thin line and her face blanched.

Due to anger, Su Zhinian's breathing was becoming unsteady. He glared at Song Qingchun like he had more to say. He opened his mouth but finally decided not to say anything else. Then he released his grasp on her hair and took a step back. The room was eerily quiet.

Su Zhinian stood there for a while before taking out a cheque from his pocket. He left the amount empty and signed it directly, then he tossed it at Song Qingchun. "Fill in any amount you want. Even though I honestly did not want to be responsible for that night it was your virginity after all. Consider this my compensation."

Su Zhinian paused as a flash of determination appeared in his eyes. "I hope you will fill in a number that is enough for you to disappear from my life."

After speaking his mind and leaving her the cheque, Su Zhinian did not stay for a second longer and strode out of the room, leaving Song Qingchun behind.

He initially wanted to walk out of Eldorado, but when reached the elevator, he remembered that his car keys, wallet, and coat were left in their mahjong room, so he had no choice but to return. The people in the box had continued their fun without him, and when they saw him enter, someone immediately asked, "CEO Su, your meeting finished so soon?"

Su Zhinian did not answer but walked to the coat rack to retrieve his coat. Tang Nuo looked at him and asked, "You're not playing anymore?"

"I'm going home," Su Zhinian said in a mild tone and took the car keys that were left on the game table.

"I'll go with you." Tang Nuo stood up hurriedly and vacated his seat for another player. After they left the room and reached underground parking, Tang Nuo finally asked, "Song Qingchun came looking for you because of Song Empire, right?"

Su Zhinian did not answer, sought out his key, and opened the car. Tang Nuo snuck in another question before Su Zhinian could escape into his car.

"She wants you to take over Song Empire, correct?"

Su Zhinian replied with a non-committal "mm" before crawling into the driver's seat.

"Then did you agree to it or not?" Tang Nuo pressed. Su Zhinian shut the door and drove away without giving him any reply.

After he returned home, when Su Zhinian reached into his fridge for a bottle of water, he spotted the boxed dinner in it. It was the leftovers his mother had packed for him last night before he left her home.

Su Zhinian placed the water back in the fridge after taking a gulp and took the boxed dinner out to heat it in the microwave. Five minutes later, Su Zhinian sat at the two-meter long dining table alone and finished the leftovers.

Su Zhinian spent the next Monday busy with work. He had an emergency meeting around midday, and it was almost 12:30 pm when the meeting was over. Su Zhinian returned to his office, signed the last two documents, and was closing his computer ready to leave for lunch when someone knocked on his office door.

His hands that were closing the computer ceased and he said softly, "Come in."

Tang Nuo came in with a document in his hand. There was a flash of surprise in Su Zhinian's eyes. "Why are you here?"

"To give you something," Tang Nuo answered as he waved the folder in his hand before placing it on Su Zhinian's desk.