Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 140

Chapter 140: We Have All Been Forgotten 10
Chapter 140: We Have All Been Forgotten (10)
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Su Zhinian's question revealed that the man had no idea what kind of present to buy for 'the person hiding in his memory'.

Therefore, during the rest of the shopping trip, Cheng Qingchong would drop some hints in the middle of normal conservation to help him, similar to what she had done with the make-up.

Actually, along the way, Cheng Qingchong had been trying to figure out the perfect present for Su Zhinian to gift to 'the person hiding in his memory'. However, since she had not even seen the person before, had no idea what she looked like, nor what her personality was like, it made choices like shoes or bags impossible.

After they passed a jewelry shop, Cheng Qingchong suddenly paused and turned to tell Su Zhinian, "CEO Su, one minute, I wish to see the selection available at this store."

That had not one ounce of truth in it. Even though she had served at Su Zhinian's company for several years and had just been given a rather lucrative year-end bonus, the selection at this store was still definitely out of her price range.

However, that was not the point because even though she could not afford it, her Big Boss could.

Before entering the shop, Cheng Qingchong even introduced Su Zhinian to the brand's history. "This establishment is already a century old. When the country was still a republic, many royals came here to have their jewelry specially made. This means that the jewelry they have here is one-of-a-kind."

Cheng Qingchong noticed Su Zhinian's eyes light up with interest. She understood this was a sign that her Big Boss' interest was piqued, so she continued. "Even now, many celebrities visit this store to have their jewels made because everyone wishes to have a piece that is uniquely theirs!

"Furthermore, every woman likes jewelry that is exquisite, pretty, and unique." After such a long introduction, Cheng Qingchong finally got to the point that she wished would be a good enough hint for Su Zhinian.

The store was quiet, and every receptionist wore classical dark green dress with their hair swept up in a professional updo.

The receptionists were the paragon of patience, their voices barely above a whisper when conversing with their customers.

The customers there compared to the other shops were decidedly less. Most of them were couples where the male swiped their cards to buy jewelry valued up to six or seven figures without batting an eye, just to get a smile out of their female partners.

Su Zhinian was suddenly reminded of the night he had spent at City Clubhouse, specifically, the topic on the way men would burn money to make women happy. At the time, someone said he had spent several ten thousand dollars to buy a bracelet for the mistress he was keeping.

Su Zhinian had heard plenty of such talks before, and he had always thought it was merely another form of boasting among the guys. The true intention was never to make their partners happy. He looked down on such actions.

However, standing in that store, he suddenly realized that he did not mind performing an action that he had once looked down upon for the sake of Song Qingchun.

In the end, Su Zhinian bought the 'crown jewel' of the shop; it was an exquisite jewelry set, including a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet.

Of course, the price of this 'crown jewel' befitted its moniker as well.