Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Lifetime Complementary Card 1
Chapter 141: Lifetime Complementary Card (1)
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Cheng Qingchong stood to the side and watched how Su Zhinian bought something the price of real estate with the easy of buying a pack of smokes, and tears almost fell from her eyes.

She had thought she could benefit from Big Boss' influence to feel like a celebrity for a day by visiting this establishment, but who would have thought the surprise waiting for her would be so shockingly big!

December 25th, Christmas, 11 am. In his office, Su Zhinian had just hung up on a call.

He had thought that buying the 'crowned jewel' the day before was already the most 'despicable' thing he would do, but half an hour ago, he had made a call to Golden Corner and had done something even more 'despicable'.

Su Zhinian leaned back in his chair and stared at the 'crowned jewel' he had brought back from Hong Kong, thinking about the phone call he had made with the boss at Golden Corner.

It seemed to be true that it was within a man's DNA to spend money on his woman; this was a practice that didn't need to be taught.

The only difference between Su Zhinian and the other guys was while they spent on multiple women, he only lavished on one. Su Zhinian smiled self-deprecatingly as he pulled out his phone to message Song Qingchun, to remind her of the dinner at Golden Corner that night.

Song Qingchun was probably toying with her phone because he got a swift reply. "I know, Mr. Su."

Su Zhinian stared at the two words, "Mr. Su", for a long time before he placed his phone face down on the table, moved the cursor on his computer around, and started to work.

Before the end of work, Station TW had a sudden meeting. Song Qingchun had no choice but to fire off a message to Su Zhinian stating she might be a bit late.

In the middle of the meeting, she received the reply from Su Zhinian. In his usual fashion, it contained only one letter, "k".

It was 7 pm when the meeting ended. Song Qingchun packed her files away and rushed out of the meeting room.

Back in her office, she tossed the stuff into her bag and rushed toward the elevator.

Just as Song Qingchun arrived at the elevator doors, they opened. Song Qingchun rushed in and pressed the close button before noticing Tang Nuan, who was also standing in there.

Her originally black hair had been dyed a dark brown color, and her straight hair was now in curls. The extra volume created the fantasy that she had a small face, on which exquisite make-up had been applied. Song Qingchun hated to admit it, but the other woman did look prettier than before.

Tonight's Christmas, she probably has a date, and that explains this get-up.

On the way down, Song Qingchun and Tang Nuan said nothing to each other. When the elevator reached the first floor, just as Song Qingchun was going to get out, her phone rang.

Song Qingchun peered at the caller ID and answered it. "Brother Yinan?"

Tang Nuan, who had gotten out of the elevator, suddenly stopped moving when she heard those words.

"Thank you for the Christmas present you mailed me. I love them very much Merry Christmas Goodbye, Brother Yinan."

Tang Nuan resumed her gait and left before Song Qingchun finished the conversation.

When Song Qingchun ran out of the company lobby, she saw Tang Nuan crawl into a red BMW, the person who held the door open for her was a man who looked rather mature.

However, that was Tang Nuan's personal life; it had nothing to do with her.

Song Qingchun ran to the roadside to hail a taxi. She jumped in and gave the address for Golden Corner.

The traffic was horrendous, perhaps because it was Christmas that day and everyone had dates.